Saturday, July 6, 2013

Review: Department of Caffeine

After a perfect lunch at Selfish Gene Cafe, I suggested visiting Department of Caffeine since it is round the corner as well. :) 

Department of Caffeine, a newly opened cafe but has attracted much crowd since then. 

As you can see, the cafe doesn't actually offer wide spread of food. But it's definitely a good place to spend your afternoon at, with a cup of coffee. 

I came here specially for this, Buttermilk waffles with rum banana and vanilla ice cream, $12. 

I have been seeing picture after pictures of this waffle ever since the opening of the cafe. Am glad to say it definitely did not disappoint. The waffle was super moist and fluffy! However, a general piece of advice is to share this of course, as the sweetness of the waffle can be too over-powering.  

Kept a picture of Qiao intagramming the waffle. :P

Do note that the cafe is a little crowded even if you come after lunch, we were lucky that a table just vacated when we walked in. Otherwise be prepared to wait a little. :)

15 Duxton Road
Singapore 089481
Contact: 6223 3426
Operation Hours: Mon-Fri 1030-1930
                            Sat-Sun 0930-1930

Love the shophouse along duxton road. So vintage, so British and so pretty!! For a while, it doesn't feel like Singapore. :)

The haze behind. :/ 

PS: Do you have any awesome cafes to suggest to me? Love to hear some from all of you as I have been very into cafe hopping! hee.. 


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