Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Review: Staycation @ Capri Hotel

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Centuries back. Nah, just joking. Few weeks back I had a staycation at Capri Hotel, which is one of the newer hotel located at Changi. 

Look at how pretty our room is! 

I was definitely surprised by the pretty and spacious room as I have expected it to be so much smaller. 

I was so so wrong, just the bathroom is almost the size of a regular HDB bedroom. 

The kitchenette, which was well equipped with all the utensils that you would need to cook up a storm! Well,  not that you actually would need them. 

I was there after my 'kueh kueh experience' which was like dinner time, so we had a quick dinner at Changi Point, before coming back to havoc have fun. 

What we did from night to midnight. 

Then we decided to change the game plan and head to the Themed Lanundtrette Rooms, which are located on every floor and each of them has a different theme, such as Kinect, ipad room, boxing room etc. 

Before that, we spent a good 30 mins spamming photos since some of us have to catch the last train back. 

Hidaya (the girl in the background), you're highly approved to box her if you ever sees her. Lol! Just joking, she's my beloved pet. :P 

So we finally headed to the game room, we went to the kinect room which was located on the 10th floor and basically parked ourselves in the room till almost dawn. 

Basically we were playing this game, Marvel Avengers Battle for Earth. 

Holy! It was mad fun to the extent that we finished the entire game that night. Yes we did, and I've tasked my brother to buy me this game as well! :P 

Overall, I think we really enjoyed our stay at Capri Hotel. I'll definitely recommend this hotel if you're in need of a getaway from your hectic lifestyles. Also, I like it that the hotel is away from the city as well, Changi. Somehow it feels not Singapore, because it Changi, far and isolated in the East. 

Though we were like super tired and shagged, it was all worth it! Times like this doesn't come easy for us as everyone is so busy with their live after graduation. :( 
Cheers to Flag Comm 09/10! <3 

3 Changi Business Park Central 1, Singapore 486037
Tel : +65 6933 9833
Fax : +65 6933 9888

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