Sunday, July 28, 2013

Review: VeganBurg

Have been dying to try VeganBurg for the longest time! What's so special about it? In Singaporean words, vegan loh. :P Do checkout their website if you want to know more. :)

In layman's term, it's a meatless fastfood joint. So you're thinking vegan is all about being healthy? Hmm.. I don't think so in this case. But it's still a very good experience. :D Oh, my burger was a 'limited edition' one. Si Han and I came especially for their Chilli Krabby Burg ('chilli crab')! By the way this Burg will only be available till 29th July, which is tomorrow. It's ok you still have like a day. LOL!  

Fet not! They have many other awesome burgs on their menu. 
#tryingtocoverupmylaziness. :P 

Spamming the burg with lots of chilli = 'chilli crab'. LOL!

In my opinion, the burg is no way near being a true 'chilli crab' burg. However! The sauce, though wouldn't brings out the essence of chilli crab, it's still a good one! In fact I love the sauce. 

Another thing I like love about the burg is their super duper soft and fluffy bun! I swear I've never had such a bun that is so soft!! I was actually quite sad when I finished my last bite. :'(  

Will I return despite the steep price (average of $10 per meal)? Yes for sure! Because I'm a sucker of their bun!! Perhaps till I manage to steal their legendary bun recipe? :P

Checkout their website for the different locations and operating hours as they differ. :) 

Ending with an OOTD. :3


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