Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Review: Cedele by Bakery Depot @ Novena Square

Lunner (Lunch + Dinner) awhile ago with my sister from another mother. We had no problem deciding where to go because Cedele is where bread-lovers would never say no to. <3 

This is my second visit to cedele, located at Novena Square. It is very different from the one at Wheelock which is more of a restaurant style (and expensive of course). 

This is more of a 'fastfood' style where you head over to the counter to get your orders before grabbin an empty table to finish your food. 

Spicy Tuna Sandwich. 

Probably won't order again because it's like what I can make at home. Haha.

Rosemary chicken sandwich.

I, finally, finally! Have my rosemary chicken sandwich~ Have been hearing so much from fellow igers about how awesome this sandwich is. Yes, I'm totally sold! Love it so much! So favourable! T.T 

Wells, you might noticed the sandwiches are smaller as compared to the ones from Cedele Fine Dining. In fact I thought the ones from the fine dining were small enough. :P

To make up for the small sandwiches, we each had a bowl of soup and a pile of breads. :P

Another favourite among the cedele-lovers, curry pumpkin soup. Yes you got to try this! 

Chicken tofu chowder which I like too. It kinda a east-meet-west kinda soup. :)

Our friendship is so magical I should say. We 'knew' each other since kindergarten, lived so near to each other throughout our childhood but we only got to really know each other recently through IG. It's hard to believe how similar we are in so many ways! It's like a carbon copy and how well we could understand each other. Right now, I'm still pretty much amazed by how we could chat for 4 hours (could be longer if not it was 2am) when we were still kinda  'stranger's back then. I cherish this special friendship very much. :)  

238 Thomson Road
#01-01/02/03/04 Novena Square
Singapore 307683
Tel: 6258 5991 
Fax: 6258 5921
Opening hours
Daily: 7.30am to 9.30pm


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