Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Review: Jimmy Monkey Bar & Cafe

Yet another cafe located in the West. Likewise to Revolution Coffee and Necessary Provisions. 

I was really impressed with the design of the cafe. 

I was like 'WOW' when I entered the cafe. Such a different feeling from any other cafes that I've visited. 

Toilet bowl directly right above your head as you dine. I say Jimmy Monkey is definitely a very hip cafe. 

Note that they have separate menu for 'day' and 'night' as well as 'weekdays' and 'weekends'. 

Since we were there at an awkward hour, after lunch. We didn't have much choices. 

Giant blueberry muffin.

If I'm not wrong this costed us about $8? Yes, the food here is definitely on the pricey end. 

I would prefer the muffin to be a little warmer. Well, generally I won't order muffins when I'm outside. I mean it's something I can create in my kitchen. :P

Pumpkin couscous salad. 

Do you have any idea what's couscous? I have no idea such a food existed. Haha! Apparently, it's an alternative to our usual grains and with more healthy benefits of course. 

Located at the beautiful One-North Residence. 

So I couldn't resist snapping a picture with the beautiful place. :P

9 One-north gateway
#01-51 one-north residences
Singapore 138643
+65 6777 8470
Monday to Friday - 8.30am till 8.30pm
Saturday and Sunday - 8.30am till 6.00pm



  1. Went there once & I reckon I won't be stepping in again cos I walked out smelly like a walking kitchen. The exhaust is very bad!

    1. ah really? Glad we didn't have that experience. :P