Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Pancake Party 12

Yes, it's  #sundaypancakeparty again~ It has kinda becamea routine now that every weekends I need my pancakes. Heh. 

Theme of the week of COOKIES. 

Stacks of super think and fluffy chocolate oreo pancakes sandwiched with homemade raspberry puree and topped with some golden oreo crumbles. Oreo over-loaded? Why not? :P 

Close up to the goodness. 

Anyway, some of you have been requesting for my pancake recipe. Well, there's no secret to my thick and fluffy pancakes. I simply follows my 15-mins-pancakes-recipe and with some practices I'm sure you'll make awesome pancakes as well! ^^

So here's the even more awesome pancakes by the other girls.

Serrhannie - plain undressed stacked of gingerbread men pancakes. 

Ngjiajia_ - vanilla lavender linzer cookie pancakes with homemade cranberry-apple jam lightly dusted with icing sugar

Tumblinbumblincrumblincookie - snickerdoodle pancakes topped with ricotta and healthy chocolate chip cookie dough balls. 

honeyydrizzle - cinnamon blueberry 'Cookie monster' pancakes 

eeyiaw -  Imitating Reese cup filled cookies. 

Guest post by _gloria - Cookies & cream pancakes layered with oreo crumbs mixed non fat greek yogurt and chocolate sauce.

Till then~


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