Friday, December 27, 2013

Recipe: Black sesame swiss roll with yam filling

Shortly after I found my perfect swiss roll recipe, I was so excited and can't wait to bake more! Haha! 

Twisted the recipe a bit to yield this black sesame swiss roll with yam filling. 

Swiss roll
80g plain flour
20g corn flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
4 egg yolks
50g castor sugar
2 tbsp black sesame paste
90g milk
30g canola oil

4 egg whites
1/8 tsp cream of tartar
50g castor sugar

roasted black sesame seeds (optional) 

Yam filling
300g yam, diced
60g sugar
90g coconut cream

Swiss roll
1. Line all the side and bottom of the 35 x 27 x 3-cm tin with baking paper.
2. Sift the flour, baking powder and add the salt. Set aside.
3. Whisk the egg yolks and castor sugar until sugar dissolve. Add oil, black sesame paste, milk, roasted black sesame seeds and flour. Mix till smooth.
4. Whip egg whites until foamy and add in the cream of tartar, following by the sugar. Continue whipping until stiff peak.
5. Mix the meringue with egg yolks mixture until well incorporated.
6. Pour it into the lined tin and bake it in a preheated oven at 200C for 15 minutes.
7. Unmould it immediately when done. Let the sponge cake cool slightly before spreading yam filling on the cake and roll it up.
8. Leave it in the fridge for 1 hour. Remove from fridge slice and serve.

Yam filling
1. Steam the yam until soft and smashed while it is still hot. 
2. Mix in sugar and coconut cream. If you prefer finer texture, use food processor to blend the mixture until soft. 

If you're a black sesame and/or yam fan I sure you'll love this as well! An extraordinary combination like this turns out so good! <3 


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