Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ad: Mothers' Day Cake @ The Icing Room + GIVEAWAY

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To celebrate our mothers’ selfless love and care, The Icing Room has designed two beautiful cakes for this Mother’s Day.

 Give Mummy a surprise with “Love Always”, $32.80, a moist chocolate Chantilly cake that is given a luscious coat of red velvet chocolate and paired with the refreshing sweetness of tropical fruits. A melange of berries, pistachio nuts and chocolate flowers add more flourish to delight dearest mummy. 

Another irresistible treat is this “Garden Of Love”, $30.80, the new signature strawberry shortcake creation that comes in a heart shape. 

The light genoise sponge cake is layered with smooth Chantilly strawberry cream and topped with garden-fresh strawberries and blueberries. 

Both cakes are available from NOW TILL 11 MAY 2014. 

You can enjoy 20% off cakes ordered via The Icing Room Delivery from now till 11 May!  So that it would be a breeze to order your cake and get it delivered to your doorstep. How awesome ya?

Just key in the promo code: TIRMDAY20% when you check out! 

Now, the awesome news for all of you! 


Thanks to The Icing Room,  I'm giving away 2 'Garden of Love' cakes, each worth $30.80, to 2 of my lucky readers/followers. 

To participate:
1. LIKE and SHARE The Icing Room on Facebook (remember to leave a comment that you have liked and shared).

2. Leave a comment on this post, sharing one of your favourite homecooked dish by your mum!

Terms and conditions: 
*This giveaway ends on Thursday, 1st May 2014 (11.59pm, Singapore time)
*Only for readers in SINGAPORE
*Participants must follow the instructions mentioned above to be eligible for the giveaway
*Please leave a valid email address when filling up the comment so that I can contact you immediately if you are the winner. 

May the odds be ever in your favour~ 



  1. Hi Lirong, I have been a silent reader of your blog and dayre, and follower of your instagram! So happy that you have a giveaway for my mum, because she loves cake yet I don't know how to bake a good one for her :( This Icing Room cake will be perfect for her!
    My favourite homecooked dish by my mum is her Lor Mee, it has been passed down from generations to generations from her mum and now to her. It has the thickest and richest gravy, with the freshest fish and always topped with crispy fried fish and garlic. Foodies whom she cooked for has said that her Lor Mee is best in Singapore and no other store beats hers!
    I hope you let me win this cos it means alot to me if I can surprise my mum with this :)
    An An (heavenlyplace@hotmail.com)

  2. My favourite home cooked dish by my mum is steamed fish that she cooks every day for dinner! The way she tailors different portions of the fish (e.g. my dad likes more ginger on his while I like more garlic so different pieces of fish on the same plate gets different 'toppings') shows how thoughtful a mum she is to us :) I hope to win the cake because she loves red velvet chocolate very much too and it would be just nice for her!


  3. Hello!
    My favourite home cooked dish by my mom is her fish/ beef/ vegetable curry. She don't fancy buying ready make curry pack from supermarkets. So, she will buy ingredients like chilli powder, garlic, onion, ginger etc and pan fried them at home. The smell of homemade curry is really delicious and mouth watering! I always have at least three bowls of curry when she cooked it. My mom is secretly a self taught nutritionist, HAHA!
    I hope to win the cake because I want to take this opportunity to thank and surprise her for all the love and care she has provided me these twenty years. She is the woman who I hope I grow up to be, she works part time accountancy, takes care of four kids(including myself), do the household chores diligently such as hand washing our clothes instead of using the washing machine, send us to school everyday and prepared all kinds of delectable (homemade by her) food for us. It really amazes me how she manage to stay cheerful and lively to welcome us home everyday despite her hectic schedule. My mom is really amazing and I hope to make 2014 Mother's Day a very memorable one for her.
    Also, thanks for the giveaway! :)


  4. Her yummy soup

    Krystne vybe09@gmail.com

  5. My favourite mum homecook dish is my mum's fried rice! :) Although fried rice is common everywhere and anywhere however the taste from mum and after a long day of hardwork, came back home to a bowl of cooked fried rice from my mum just taste heavenly and it's priceless. My mum does not have a specific recipe or how she would usually make it. Be it from left over food, or simply eggs and onions, it's still the love from my mum and it's what I cherish the most. :)


  6. Hey lirong! Unfortunately, my mum absolutely hates cooking, detest even. But after I fell ill, and still am, she started boiling soups for me. Mainly cause it provides extra nutrients like in gingseng, it's also because I love soups. She takes the effort to search for recipes and even adds in extra touches like red dates, and some nuts. My fav is her peanut lotus soup. She even calls our helper daily to ensure I like the dishes and when my dad has dinner there will be his fav dishes. She has sacrificed and done so much for me, like driving me and following me to cafes or buying things. She even took time and effort to follow me for hospital appointments and I want to do something for her for once. If would really mean a lot to me! Even when I cook or bake she always tells me it tastes good although not always true.


    1. I think for me her soups are especially special and meaningful cause she has never even cooked a meal for me or my family. I always look forward to weekly soups!

  7. I simply loved the Sweet and Sour Fish my mum cooked! She always patron the fish stall at the wet market in Toa Payoh Lorong 8 to choose and buy fresh fish from them. She will slice the fish into small pieces and fried them first. Then she will make the sweet and sour sauce on her own with tomato, green peppers etc. Before dinner, she will heat up the sauce and pour it over the fried fish and served it hot for the family to consume. It is always a delight to have this delicious dish for dinner! :)


  8. Thank you all for the participation. <3 The contest has closed and we have the result generator using a randomiser. Congrats to AnAn Chia and Priya. We will contact you shortly. :)

  9. This Mothers' Day cake was a true delight that encapsulated the essence of love and appreciation. The delicate layers of moist cake were a testament to the baker's skill, creating a symphony of flavors that danced on the taste buds. The thoughtful decoration, adorned with vibrant flowers and sweet messages, added a touch of elegance that mirrored the beauty of motherhood itself. Each bite was a journey through layers of joy, gratitude, and warmth, making it a perfect way to celebrate the extraordinary women in our lives. This cake not only satisfied the palate but also served as a heartfelt expression of love, making Mothers' Day truly special and memorable. Hats off to the creator for crafting a masterpiece that celebrated mothers in the sweetest way possible!

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