Thursday, April 17, 2014

People who loves to eat are the best.

Nothing related to the title. Just want to say that I have officially surrendered to Dayre. So say hi to me (@lirongs) if you have one too! ^^  

A little #throwback post just because I'm missing BBQ food. T.T 

I consider myself kinda weird. I wont label myself as a carnivore because I really don't like meat. BUT! I love processed meat. I know right. Hahaha! Such a dilemma. So do I love meat? 

You can have all the prawns and satay, just leave my hotdog, Taiwan sausages and balls alone, thank you. 

Yes, cheese tofu too~ 

Sigh.. how I miss those days~ 

Anyways, I think perhaps this would be the last entry that is not labelled as 'review/recipe/media invite'. I'm shifting all personal posts to Dayre. So see you there if you're interested in stalking me. :P 


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