Friday, August 15, 2014

Ad: Bakerzin Mooncake Collection 2014

For this year's Mid-Autumn Festival, Bakerzin will be launching THREE new snow skin mooncake ranges. 

Also, Bakerzin is keeping with its annual Moon Rabbit design and theme. So loving the box! It's so colourful. Totally gonna recycle this box for my own use. :D Not forgetting Bakerzin’s tote bags as well. They come in a myriad of colours and each box of mooncake comes with one of these stylish bags! 

The Bliss, Joy and Lush Collections will join Bakerzin’s stellar mooncake range which includes the Celestial Snow Skin (Black Sesame), Divine Snow Skin (Mao Shan Wang) and Classic Collection (Traditional Baked Mooncake). 

For this post, I'll be featuring only The Bliss and The Lush Collections. :) 

Lush Collection (fruits) - 甜蜜蜜系列.

Lychee Snow Skin – Enjoy this delicate mooncake with lychee paste dotted with chewy bits of lychee fruit. A white chocolate truffle in the centre is filled with lychee ganache.

Mango Pomelo Snow Skin – Each mooncake is filled with a sweet mango and pomelo paste. In the middle of this sits a white chocolate truffle filled with mango puree.

Strawberry Snow Skin – This pink snow gem showcases a sweet-sour strawberry paste, and in the centre lies a white chocolate truffle filled with a luscious strawberry puree.

Yuzu Snow Skin – Yuzu-flavoured white lotus paste surrounds a white chocolate truffle filled with yuzu ganache and this makes for a refreshing and tangy mooncake.

I confess that I'm not so much of a traditional mooncake person, I perfer snow skin anytime. What I look out for in snow skin moon cake is definitely the degree of softness and chewiness and the thickness of the skin. Bakerzin's snow skin mooncakes is more on the chewy side, with skin that is not ovely thick. 

Despite me not being a fan of strawberry, the strawberry snow skin is in fact my favourite in this collection. I think the slight sourness of the strawberry works really well to balance out the sweetness of the paste. 

The Bliss Collection - 醉陶陶系列

Frangelico Hazelnut Truffle Snow Skin - White lotuspaste encases a white chocolate truffle filled with Frangelico-hazelnut praline ganache.

Grand Marnier Chocolate Truffle Snow Skin – A rich chocolate paste surrounds a white chocolate truffle filled with Grand Marnier ganache.

Pink Champagne Truffle Snow Skin – White lotus paste encapsulates a white chocolate truffle flavoured with the subtle hint of Pink Champagne and orange zest.

Whisky Truffle Snow Skin – A whisky flavoured white chocolate truffle sits in the centre of smooth white lotus paste.

Definitely prefer this the Lush to the Bliss. :D I really love this liqueur collection that I can't decide which is better!! All tasted so... sexy? Heh.   


Pandan Lotus Snow Skin – Smooth white lotus paste is infused with pandan for a distinctive taste. Each bite reveals the delightful crunch of melon seeds. 

Purple Sweet Potato – A creamy and luscious purple sweet potato paste fills this delicate nugget. 

Yam Snow Skin – This version is filled with smooth yam paste and is reminiscent of the local or nee dessert.

Sweet Potato – A rich, sweet potato paste is the highlight of this mooncake.

Seems like my kind of mooncake with the yam and sweet potato! <3 


Anyway, Bakerzin Mooncakes will go on sale at all outlets and participating booths from now till 8th September 2014 
early Bird Discount of 10% for purchases till 24 August 2014 at Bakerzin outlets)
HSBC and OCBC Card Members enjoy a 15% discount (on top of the early bird discount) for purchases made in Bakerzin outlets.

Early Bird Discount – 25% off for online purchases made from 8 July to 24 August 2014.
Online Discount – 15% off for online purchases made from 25 August to 3 September 2014.



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