Sunday, August 17, 2014

Review: Sunday Folks

I have been anticipating my trip to Sunday Folks ever since its opening. Simply because it is opened by the same people behind Creamier, which is still my favourite place for waffles and ice cream thus far. 

Heard that the place is overly crowded despite it having a much bigger space as compared to Creamier. However, it didn't happen to us when we were there. Not complaining of course. ^^

Earl Grey Lavender Ice Cream with Noma Green Tea Topping, $13.90. 

Though Sunday Folks offers Creamier's signature waffles with soft-serve ice cream instead, another distinct different is that you get to customise your waffles with a selection of toppings available. Kinda reminds me of the concept of Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store. 

Insta-worthy props. 

I must say I'm pretty impressed by the huge swirl of ice cream being served to me. An almost perfect swirl which was extremely HUGE too. 

Yay! :D

I have chosen Earl Grey Lavender out of the other 5 because of the many positive reviews and of course, I have never had such an interesting combination. However, I got to say. It wasn't really outstanding. Should have tried the sea salt gula melaka instead. :/ 

On the other hand, we love Creamier's waffles and we continue to love Sunday Folk's waffles~ But we feel the soft serve ice cream did quite work well with the waffles. It melted way too fast~ Also a swirl of ice cream is definitely not enough for the 2 stacks of . 

Besides waffles and ice cream, homebaked cakes are available as well!. 

If only I could stomach in a piece of the Matcha cake as well! :/ 

Also, they serves their soft-serve ice cream in cones as well! I thought soft-serve ice cream with cones would make a better combination than with the waffles. Might come back for the cones if I'm anywhere nearby. ^^

Chip Bee Gardens
44 Jalan Merah Saga
Singapore 278116
Operating hours: 12pm-10pm (closed on Mondays)


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  1. Looking so delicious! Love all things you share on your blog & instagram! :p