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Media invite: Pind Balluchi Bar & Grill

Located in the vicinity of Clarke Quay, Pind Balluchi Bar & Grill is an award-winning stalwart restaurant brand from India, highly regarded for its authentic Indian cuisine made with Indian royal recipes, using quality premium ingredients and rare spices! 

Even though it is an India Restaurant, the interior design is in fact very modern looking and westernised. 

A good place to visit if you are looking for a contemporary Indian fine dining! 

As the name suggests, Pind Balluchi Bar & Grill, there is a huge bar at one end of the restaurant for customers to relax after a long day at work or in between meals. As you can see, the collection is really wide!

Mango Lassi, Salted Lassi, Sweet Lassi.

You can't go away from an Indian restaurant without having Lassi, a popular, traditional yogurt based drink from India. My favourite is the mango lassi, but do give the salted lassi a try as well. The taste is really unique and you might just be hooked on it! 

Left: Mixed berries with Orange Punch, $18.
Right: Singapore Sling, $21.

Some of the cocktails you can find from the bar. The mixed berries is a very refreshing drink, especially suitable for ladies! But my favourite is the Singapore Sling, one of the best I've tried so far. 

Harry's Premium Lager.

Because Pind Balluchi Bar & Grill and Harry's Bar are both managed under the same cooperation, so don't be surprise to find similar drinks under the menu. It's a good thing though, because we really love the drinks at Harry's Bar, especially their premium lager! You can read out my review on Harry's Bar here. :)

Ice Lemon Tea.

If you're looking for a 'safe' drink. Coffee and tea are available as well!

Condiments to go with the appetizers that are going up, and as the name suggests, food are mainly of grilled items.  

Dahi Ke Kebab, $12 for 4 pieces.

Thinly breaded yogurt mixed with bell peppers and deep fried till perfect golden. This is one of the latest vegetarian highlight from the grill. A perfect bite of tangy and savoury tastes!

Amritsari Fish, $16 for 4 pieces.

Chickpea-battered fish fillet flavoured with Indian spices and an alluring hint of carom seeds. It was really appetizing to me due to the spice, however it gets a little too spicy with more bites.  

Tangri Kebab, $6 per piece.

Chargrilled chicken drumstick marinated with yogurt, cream, and cheese. This was one of my favourite appetizer! The drumstick was really tender and flavour wise it wasn't overpowering, just right for me!

Alu-Bukhara Kebab, $18.

Finely minced lamb patties infused with Indian herbs and smoked with cloves, then generously filled with prunes. 

Despite not being a fan of lamb, I really like this appetizer. The unique smell of lamb was being masked by the clever use of spices and herbs. Furthermore, the incorporation of prune into the lamb patty is really interesting as well and goes really well I feel! 

Galouti Kebab, $21 for 4 pieces.

Hand-minced lamb patties infused with 136 spices, and grilled to lend a distinctive smokiness as they melt in the mouth. This is in fact the signature of Pind Balluchi Bar & Grill! Head Chef Abhishek Sigh was very kind to share with us the story behind this dish. Its a very interesting one, if you're interested you can try googling about this dish! ^^ 

Oh yes, there is no typo here, 136 spices. The taste is surely a strong one and could be quite overpowering to the palate. However, the lamb patty is really moist and soft, with the melt in your mouth sensation!

Moving on to the mains. Chef Abhishek's culinary skills are furthered showcased with the vibrant selection of Northern Indian delights!

Pindi Choley, $16.

Slow-braised chickpeas flavoured with carom, onions, tomatoes, and Pind Balluchi's garam masala. This main is really flavourful and I totally could have this alone with a bowl of rice! 

Palak Paneer, $16.

Spinach studded with cubes of cottage cheese blended with garlic and ginger. I hardly write about Indian cuisine, but Palak Paneer is a must-order for me whenever I'm at an Indian restaurant! Pind Balluchi's version surely satisfied my craving. 

Mixed Raita, $6.

Diced onions, cucumbers and tomatoes tossed with roasted cumin and homemade yogurt. If you're feeling the heat from the curry, do order this cooling condiment to go along with your mains! 

Rara Chicken, $14.

A dry version of chicken curry and minced chicken, which flavours are brought up a notch with Pind Balluchi's garam masala. 

I really love Pind Balluchi's masala I must say. The spice level was just right, leaving you wanting for more! Chicken was really tender too! 

Peshawari Naan, $7.

No Indian meal is complete without my favourite naan. I love to sweep up all the gravy with them! :D

There are 3 types of naan in this basket:
Plain naan – traditional fine white flour bread
Peshawari naan – Refined flour bread stuffed with nuts and fruits
Missi Roti – Wheat and gram flour kneaded with coriander, ginger and chilli flakes

My favourite is the peshawari naan while the boy loves the plain naan. On the other hand I feel that the missi roti on its own has a very strong flavour and may not go very well with the already flavourful main dishes. 

Wadi Pulao, $16.

Long grain rice tossed together with a selection of grounded spices and fresh herbs, along with soya bean nuggets. It tastes really good even on its own! Couldn't stop digging in for more even though I'm totally carbo-loading myself with the naan as well! Oops. :P 

Adraki Aloo Gobhi, $14.

Combination of potatoes and cauliflower with a meaningful punch of ginger. Didn't manage to capture a nice photo of this dish, but it was a very simple and comforting dish!

Kesar Rasgulla, $9.

Saffron-poached cottage cheese balls served in scented milk. 

Unlike the main courses of Indian cuisine, I'm not so much of a fan for Indian desserts. They are a little too sweet for my liking. So sharing is highly recommended if you aren't an avid fan of sweets as well! 

Assorted Indian Sweets. 

Because it was the eve of Deepavali, the kind Chef actually shared with us some Indian sweets which they will offer to their guests. Such a nice gesture! ^^

Note that Pind Balluchi also offers an irresistible buffet spread of 11 exquisite dishes between 6pm to 9pm, exclusively on Thursday only! Reasonably priced at $40 per person, you'll get to savour a variety of deletable starters from the tandoor (grill) to sumptuous main courses and desserts, as well as a glass of Sula wine from India! 

As you can read from my review, I really love the food at Pind Balluchi Bar & Grill! It could totally make into my "5 best curry houses in Singapore"!

3B River Valley Road, 
#01-15 Clarke Quay 
Contact: 6337 7350 
Operating hours: 
Lunch: Sat - Sun, 12pm - 2.30pm
Dinner: Tue - Sun, 6pm - 12am
Bar & Grill: Sun - Tue, 6pm - 1am
                      Wed - Sat, 6pm - 3am 


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