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Taiwan Day 7 Part 2: Wufenpu 五分埔 + Formosa Chang Lu Rou Fan 鬍鬚張魯肉 + Raohe Street Night Market 饒河街觀光夜市

Continuing from my previous post. After leaving Shi Fen, by the time we reached Taipei Main Station it was about 4pm. We made our way to  Wufenpu 五分埔 next! The shopping paradise in Taipei, said by some. Just have to take MTR to  Houshanpi station. MTR at Taipei is really convenient! Super on time and really quick too! :)

Anyway, just follow the sign when you reached Huoshanpi. You'll reach wufenpu after a 5 minutes walk. :) 

So basically wufenpu is like a wholesale area for clothes. A magnified version of Bugis Street I would say. However, it was a little too messy for me and I didn't find myself buying a lot of things from here. 

So we left shortly to feed our hungry stomach at Raohe Street Night Market. 

Anyway, for those who are visiting Wufenpu 五分埔, please avoid Monday as they are close for wholesale only. Also do come after 2pm! That's the time when all the shops would be open. :)

Wufenpu and Raohe Street Night Market is just a stone throw away. But. Before you make your trip to Raohe Street Night Market, don't forget to try Formosa Chang Lu Rou Fan 鬍鬚張魯肉! It has a branch just located between Wufenpu and Raohe Street Night Market. So why not give it a try? ^^

Formosa Chang Lu Rou Fan 鬍鬚張魯肉 is most raved for their 魯肉飯 of course. It's being named as the best 魯肉飯 in Taipei by many and I have friends who 'die die' must come here and have a bowl whenever they are in Taipei. 

Despite passing the normal meal time (either lunch nor dinner), the place was considerably packed. 

魯肉飯(小) (NTD 30)

For the price, the bowl came to be a little small (although we don't mind since we need more space for the food in the night market). I couldn't find much 'meat' on the bowl as well. Though I have the admit the sauce and the rice was really good. But where is my  魯肉? 

Not sure if this is really the best in Taipei. Hmm.. 

Left the shop shortly to continue our food adventure at  Raohe Street Night Market 饒河街觀光夜市! :D 

Tourist moment at the entrance. 

We were here pretty early. I guess around 6pm? Quite early considering that Night Market usually gets busy after sunset. Haha. 

So here were the items that we have tried at Raohe. Don't be surprised with how much the 2 of us can eat in a night. :P

warning: may induce salivation. 

At the entrance, you will immediately notice a queue forming. Not a normal queue, but a SUPER LONG queue. Everyone is here for the famous pepper buns 胡椒饼.

Made fresh on the spot!

They are special because they are being baked on the brisk of the oven!

One bite into the pipping hot pepper bun and I'm sold. The bun was so aromatic from the baking in a charcoal brisk. Think crispy crust with a juicy, moist peppery filling. :')

The wait is long but definitely worth the time! Oh. beware of copycats too! You know you're at the right place when you see a snake queue. :)

Saw this interesting stall. Scholar cake? Then I  must eat! Maybe I could become a scholar? LOL!

This is the scholar cake. 

May seem really ordinary, but the taste was really good! Probably made of rice flour and glutinous rice. It has a soft and chewy texture that I really like. 

Another snake queue that you could find at Raohe. 

Grilled beef cubes. 

What's so special is that the beef cubes were grilled using torch! 

Not a fan of beef, but these were really tender and moist! I don't mind having a second serving actually. Note that the queue is as long as the pepper bun though. So grab something to eat along as you queue! :)

While the boy queued for the beef cubes, I went to queue for this. Yup. It's only smart to practice 'division of labour' in a night market. Haha!:P

Look at the huge giant squid!! It was being deep fried to crisp before being cut and served. 

There are more than 10 different types of sauces available for choosing and I picked Thai sweet sauce in the end. 

We love it! Squid can be a little rubbery and tough to bite, but we had no problem with this. So crisp and crunchy in fact! 

As mentioned in my previous post that a large part of Taiwan's food culture is being influenced by Japan. So here is one good example, okonomiyaki. 

Anyway, I find that at Raohe Street Night Market especially, you could find a lot of Japanese influence food concept. 

The poor man just had to stand and continually cook non-stop. :/ 

Our okonomiyaki served!

Look at how sweaty I am.

Oh. Sorry, it actually wasn't me that was sweaty. It was raining that night! Hahaha! #random.

The okonomiyaki was really good! I would have ordered one to myself if we didn't have so many other food to try. :P

I was told this is the BEST stinky tofu in Taipei. Braved the crowd to queue for it. 

Have to and need to. :D

My love for stinky tofu~ Miss you so much!!! 

Sank my teeth in and the juice of the stinky tofu explored within my mouth! This has to be the most juicy stinky tofu I've ever tasted! Seriously, best in Taipei? Perhaps even best in Taiwan!!! :') Boys and girls, you NEED to try this. Buy back for me too? :P

The boy isn't much of a fan of stinky tofu. He found a stall selling chicken skewer (near the stink tofu stall) The queue was so long that after I queued and ate my stinky tofu, he hasn't even come back. But I got to say this was really good. Even till now, the boy is still thinking about this skewer! Haha. 

A giant dessert to end our night. This is not cheap at all. S$12 if I didn't remember wrongly. 

Look at the huge serving! Didn't know it was this big until the dessert came. We gladly finished the entire plate though. It was a very refreshing end to our greasy dinner. :P 

Overall, Raohe Street Night Market 饒河街觀光夜市 is our favourite night market in Taipei! Don't bother about Shilin Night Market or Shida Night Market, will talk about them in the upcoming post. Just focus on Raohe will do. All the good food is here! The boy and I agreed that next time we come, we'll just visit Raohe Night Market only. :) 

In case you missed out on my previous posts on Taiwan. :)


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