Sunday, October 5, 2014

Review: The Coastal Settlement

Hello everyone! Anyone still remember the ''cafe in the east" project that I was embarking? I know I kinda ended abruptly due to other distractions. :P 

So here's another blog to add on my to 'cafe in the east' category! ^^

Well hidden in one of the least accessible places in Singapore, the very East of Eastern Singapore. Does that make sense?

Anyhow, that's not the point. So my food partner, none other than my bf, we thought we had found a perfect place for a quiet date night. Well, it makes sense right? Who will come to such an inaccessible place?

The queue that took us aback. For your information, it was past 8 pm and we were here for dessert. Thank god we didn't come here for dinner instead. Otherwise, we may just faint. Haha. So we happily waited. Since we just had dinner, it's good that we let our stomach digest the food a little before stuffing more in. #logic 

Finally in after feeding the mosquitoes for a good 45 minutes. Yeah, damn lucky mosquitoes! 

Anyway, I was so blew away by the interior design! It was all so oldie and vintage! Everything just fit into my ideal place of a cafe. Basically I'm very into vintage thingy so I was sucked in. 

Peppermint Tea, $6.

I always feel damn cheated to have to pay $6 for a pot of tea. For the amount I could buy almost an entire box of tea bags! LOL! 

Oops, did I just expose the auntie side of me?:P 

Coastal Settlement Waffles, $16. 

This attracted me the most from the dessert menu. Actually if I didn't remember wrongly, the dessert menu wasn't impressive at all. It was quite limited. Their main is better I feel. Do share with me your thoughts about their mains if you have tried ya? I've heard quite a few positive reviews on Instagram. 

Very nice presentation of the waffles and that was about it. 

Waffles were a little drying and seriously $16 is little pricey I feel. It's the ambience that you're paying. ^^

We enjoyed the place so much that we sat here though the night. That's right, we were probably the last few customers to leave. 

Managed to snap a few photos before leaving the place (flooded with too many people earlier on to take decent ones).

I always believe 'old is gold'. 

Seriously, I would love to meet the owner of the restaurant! He/she must have a great passion to collect all these treasures. It's not just about the money spent in the collection. I could imagine the effort put in to the source them as well. #respect 

If you enjoy a rustic charm or looking for a break from the modern city, Costal Settlement is the place for you. I'm placing it high up on my favorite cafe list. :) 

200 Netheravon Rd, Singapore 508529
Contact: 6475 0200
Operating hours: Tues-Sun 10.30am till 12 Midnight  (Last order for Food @ 9:30pm) 


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