Saturday, November 15, 2014

Media invite: SYNC Korean Tapas Bar @ Serangoon Gardens

New kid on the block! 
Located in the heart of Serangoon Gardens is Singapore's first ever Korean Tapas Bar. 

SYNC Korean Tapas Bar.

Sounds familiar? 

That's right, it is brought to you by the same folks behind SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro @ Westgate. 

Mac's Great White. $14.
Pilsneer Erquell, $14.

However, unlike the outlet at Westgate, which features a range of Western-Korean fusion menu for a for quiet dining, SYNC Korean Tapas Bar features a range of Korean-inspired tapas and cocktails instead. A perfect place to have a drink with your friends after a hard day at work.  

Soju Peach Shot, $7.90.

Soju Mojito, $9.90.

We tasted 2 of SYNC's Korean inspired cocktails. I personally prefer the Soju Mojito, had a few glasses in fact. :P It was refreshing and the taste of Soju wasn't overpowering for me. On the other hand. if you prefer stronger flavours, the Soju Peach Shot will be a better choice for you. 

Well, if you don't have Korean-inspired drinks,bottled and draught beer, liquor and house pour wines are available for choice. Of course coffee, tea, icy and soft drinks at your order too! ^^ 

Umami cod chips. $9.90. 

There are two types of Tapas menu at SYNC, one features Tapas @ $9.90, while the other @ $10.90. Either way, they are really affordable, especially when you share (always good to share the cost and of course, calories!:D)

I need to insert a *beware* sign here, because these chips are highly ADDICTIVE! They go so well with my glass of beers too, so we just couldn't stop our hands from reaching out for more! 

Mandu, $9.90.

Crispy minced pork & mushroom dumpling, served with a side of refreshing salsa. I like how the mandu comes in bite size portion, popping in a two or more doesn't make you overly full at all.

Dak-KangJung, $9.90.

Deep-fried sweet & spicy chicken bites. Now, this is my favourite tapas of the night! Not really spicy, the chicken bites were more on the sweeter side for me. The main point is, they were so moist and tender! I finished a whole plate by myself and almost asked for more! Another dangerous food for me! Haha!

Samgyupsal, $10.90.

Char-grilled pork belly with scallion salad & chilli yuzu dressing.

Honestly couldn't taste any hint of yuzu in it. In fact taste of dressing of quite faint. But the char-grilled pork belly was really good! Thinly sliced and doesn't give that fattening or greasy after taste. 

Sogogi Jowl, $10.90.

Char-grilled beef jowl in hoba & garlic confit. One of the most well received tapas of the night. I have no idea beef jowl (cheeks) could taste so good! Slightly on the chewy side, the more you bite the more flavourful essence is being released into your mouth. So good! 

Dak Gar-bi, $38.90.

If you're looking for something that is more filling, they do serve main dishes as well! This spicy paella is a good marriage of Spanish's paella with Korean's kimchi. It's really huge and good for 3-4 sharing! By the way, the boy and I had this all to ourselves! Oops. :P 

Ssam, $40.90.

Tender pork ribs served with lettuce wraps and unphoto-ed bun. 

Glory pork ribs that were cooked to moist and tender, to the point that the meat fall off the bones with ease! 

Wrap the meat up in lettuce followed by a piece of bun, or even just with lettuce itself is good! 

Hotteok, $8.90.

All meals end on a sweet note and here at SYNC, you can get your desserts for the price of $8.90 only.

Hotteok or Korean sweet pancake is a very famous street food in Korean. I was so excited when I saw it being served on the menu! Alongside with banana foster and a scoop of vanilla ice cream ($1.50 to add on), this Hotteok was a little too sweet. Can't ask for authentic hotteok from Korea, but I think it will be better if you use the banana foster sparingly. ^^

Misugaru, $8.90.

SYNC has probably made a name for itself in terms of lava cakes, they serve one of the best in Singapore! 

I'm surely not disappointed with the flow. ^^

Compared to the Hotteok, Misugaru's sweetness level was better executed. I enjoyed every mouth of it together with the vanilla ice cream. 

Some promotions to share with everyone. :) 

3pm to 6pm, Daily (starting 3 Nov to end Dec)     
·      FREE coffee/tea with any order of dessert
·      $5.90 beer
·      $9.90 beer + Tapas of the day
3pm onwards, only on Weekends (starting 8 Nov)
Family Set Meal at $63.90 with 4 Tapas and
1 Paella/Budae Jigae (U.P. $72.80)

Thank you Vanessa for the invitation! ^^

Serangoon Garden, 
12 Maju Ave s556690
Contact: 62820612
Operating hours: Mon to Sun, 3pm to 12am


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