Monday, December 8, 2014

Media invite: Lower East Side Taqueria @ East Coast Road [A Mexican Christmas Party in Singapore!]

Lower East Side Taqueria, this year-old Mexican-inspired restaurant-bar is celebrating its 1st Christmas with diners by offering 2 scrumptious Christmas Party Combos, which will be available from 1st to 25th December 2014 only! 

These combos are –Poultry in Motion and Drunken Feast, which executive Chef Claudio Sandri has taken pride in working closely with suppliers to import a host of indigenous spicy chillies from Mexico such as habañeros, poblanos, and jalapeños

Love the cool and quirkiness of the restaurant-bar! It surely is a place to visit, to just let down your hair after a long day at work. :) 

Probably the lighting is too dim to capture a justifiable photo of the restaurant, but it is certainly a beauty with the use of typical Mexican hues of bright green, vivid blue, and yellow to present an inviting convivial air. :)

Outdoor seatings are available as well if you enjoy some people-watching by the roadside. 

As mentioned Lower East Side Taqueria would be offering 2 delicious Mexican-inspired Christmas feast, but I will be reviewing on one only. That is the "Drunken Feast"- ($44 per person, minimum three persons).

1. Chipotle turkey – oven roasted turkey breast with pineapple & cranberry sauce
2. Crispy roasted pork with apple jalapeños chutney
3. Ribeye, chargrilled with chipotle salsa
4. Drumlets

My personal favourite is surely the drumlets, which is also the only item on this plate that is spicy. It was really moist and tender and I simply love that sensation of burning heat in the mouth with every bites! 

The chipotle turkey comes close too! Meat was moist and the addition of pineapple and cranberry sauce was an extra bonus! So flavourful! 

On the other hand, the chargrilled ribeye, I find some parts of the meat to be a little drying. While the crispy roasted pork was lacking in flavour for me. I guess that is the reason why it is served with a side of apple jalapeños chutney? I actually love apple jalapeños chutney! It was very appetite-stimulating with the slight taste of sourness in it! 

5. Chorizo stew burrito with habañeros
6. Elote (corn on the cob)

I love the burrito! Spicy for sure (too spicy for most people), but I just can't resist for more!

As chillies are an important aspect of Mexican cuisine, Lower East Side offers three levels of spicy sauce on the side: Ghost Pepper, Scorpion Pepper, and Ultimate Insanity, so customers with a penchant for feisty Mexican-inspired nosh can enjoy the Christmas combo sets with these sauces!

But don't say I didn't warn in advance, try the Ultimate Insanity at your own risk! :P 

Homemade Horchata, $6 - blend of rice grains, almonds, nuts, cinnamon and touch of condensed milk.

Not included in the festive combo, but I would highly recommend you to keep a glass of this within reach! Yes, you would need it to help you neutralise the heat! heh. 

FYI here is the detail of the other Christmas combo, 

POULTRY IN MOTION ($26 per person):
1. Angry rib (halved), with cilantro rice & slaw
2. Turkey quesadillas with smoked paprika and cranberry sauce
3. Ancho with pulled pork sliders

This sounds more manageable in terms of hotness? haha!

Overall, I think if you're a serious fan of anything hot & spicy, you wouldn't want to miss Lower East Side Taqueria's drunken feast! Grab a few chilli-loving friends down to challenge yourself to the 'Ultimate Insanity' sauce! ^^ 

19 East Coast Road
Singapore, 428746
Phone: 6348 1302
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-11pm
                               Sat-Sun 10am-midnight  


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