Friday, March 13, 2015

Recipe: Singapore Chilli Crab + Chinese New Year 2015

Eh, hey! Don't remind me that CNY is well over. I know. :P 

I thought I'm still blog about it, in the name of memories. <3 

Anyway, I'm sorry for the lack of updates recently. :/ I'm finally finding it difficult to juggle my day job with blogging. I'll still try because blogging is still a passion. :) In any case, you can still me find on Instagram (I've created a separate account @lirong_s) and Dayre (@lirong), especially Dayre which I find it easier and more convenient to blog. :D

Ok, back to CNY (I miss! T.T), I've already blogged and shared about my reunion dinner menu, so moving on to day 1 of the festival! 


Every year without fail, the family will have a mini photoshoot at home! Haha! 

In mummy's words "It's not everyday that we dressed up, so we should take more photos". 

That is very true! Heh. 

Love this candid shot that I took of my parents. :') 

Btw, I super love the wrinkles on my dad's face! They make him so cute! :P 

I'm sorry, but you should expect that this is a photo-spamming post. :P 

No words can describe the type of love they have showered and is showering my bro and I. 

I only hope I could be just as good as them if I ever become a mother myself. :') 

A lot of people say that I look very much like my mum, but somehow I don't see that resemblance? Haha. 

Our second CNY together. <3 


Alright, after a good one hour of "photoshoot", we finally made our way to house visiting!

Just in time for lunch when we reached! :D

Every year, the uncle will get us buffet lunch from Neo Garden Catering

In case you get sick of my face. 


The uncle has a new house pet this year! Instantly it became a mini Bird Park. 

Of course, not going to miss out on my favourite CNY snack, pineapple tarts! :D The best ones that I've had so far is still homebaked ones, otherwise I would recommend LE Confectionery's golf ball size pineapple tart! 

Then we got bored of eating and decided to take more photos. :P 

My Day 1 look which has gotten me such praises. *insert shy face* 

Dress from MGP label

When all that matter is being with you. <3 

Had dinner at his place with his family. My first steamboat for CNY! Just look at the amount of ball ball that his mum had prepared. All because I super love them. :') 

Have I ever mentioned that his family members are really easier to get along? I must be an angel in my previous life :')

Rounded day 1 with mahjong with the family at the comfort of home. ^^


Are you sick of my face yet? :P 

But I'm not letting you off so easily! :P 

Anyway, that bouquet was given to me by him during Valentine's Day. Maybe I'll blog about that too? Anyone interested to read some mushy mushy post? :P 

Ok, the usual "photoshoot" before we headed to another uncle's place to bai nian. 

I love this view at the relative's place! Feels so serene. ^^

My greatest pillar. <3 

Dress a bit too loose for me. :X 

Act yi ge demure. (Y)

Do we look alike? :P 

Steamboat game is going strong. 

So is my love for CNY snacks. :P

So we went under the sun to "bake" some calories away. hahaha! 

Day 2 look which are a bit too big for me despite getting an S size. >.< 

I love the flowery print on the dress though. :D 

Dress from OOTD SG!

Look! Who is this hot babe beside me? 

My fellow Pisces cousin, Qiao. 

Steamboat for lunch, steamboat for dinner. 
Steamboat all day, everyday! 


This is the first time I took so many photos of myself during CNY! Haha! 

Thanks to him for being so patient with me. :D

Anyway less photos for day 3 because the relatives were coming to my place so I have to do the preparation! 

Yups, still having steamboat. Haha! 

Oh, I admit to have slight OCD, slight. 

This is the reason why we can never get sick of steamboat, variety is the key! 

My mum secretly likes to take photos too! Haha! Now you know where my genes come from? :D 

A little different from the simple steamboat. We had teppanyaki too! ^^


Last day of the long holiday. T.T

Hopped quite a few places on our last day. First up was one of my cousin's place!

Entertainment ourselves with photos. What's new? :P

Selfie is a must. Hohoho~ 

Hopped over to another relative's place next to have lunch. Right, steamboat. :D

My aunt made some deep fried food too! Which were a hot favourite for us because we were quite sick of steamboat honestly. 


Then we went to another cousin's place to have pizza before heading to Qiao's place for..

Another round of steamboat. 

If only the fats melted away just like how our make-up were melting under the sun. Hahaha! 

Her place is so pretty right?! <3 

More shameless photos here. :P 

Ok, fast forward to DAY 10 because day 5-9 were spent miserably at work. :P 

Making use of the items that the parents bought to 拜天公 (day 9) to cook up a treat for the family. :) 

1. Yu Sheng
2. Chilli crabs and prawns w deep fried mantou
3. Stir fried cabbage with roasted pork
4. Yam and radish soup
5. Soy sauce roasted duck

Yu Sheng was a courtesy of Din Tai Fung. :) Thank you for making my mum so happy! We love the crispy yam stripes especially! 

My version of the famed Singapore chilli crab. :D 

So finally you survived till the recipe for the chilli crab. Haha! So here goes! :) 


A) Spice paste:
10 red chillies
bulb of garlic
1 thumb size fresh young ginger
1 blue ginger (galangal)
1 tbsp soybean paste
1 lime

Chop and blitz till fine. 

B) 1 crab (you may add other seafood like I did! Eg, prawns)
Ginger, thinly sliced into stripes 
2 tbsp cooking oil
1 cup water
2 eggs, beaten
Spice paste 

1. Heat up the wok with the cooking oil. Fry ginger stripes till fragrant. 

2. Add in the crabs/seafood before mixing in the spice paste. Stir well. Add water and mix well. Cover and simmer till crab shells turned bright red. 

3. Pour in the beaten eggs, mix well. Simmer for a minute before turning off the stove. 

4. Best served with some deep fried mantou! 

Not that hard right? :D 

Mum said the sauce is too spicy. Hahaha! I suggest you cut down the chilli (under spicy sauce) to about 7 if you're not much of a chilli fan! :) 

DAY 11

Technically still CNY, so we are still bai nian-ing. :D 

and these were just for tea. Hahaha! Everything homemade! Including the pau which has a super soft and fluffy skin! But the relative refused the share the recipe. T.T 

Then met him to head to his relative's place for CNY gathering. 

An entire table filled with yummy homemade food!! :D 

1. Chicken Curry and Bread
2. Kueh Pie Tee
3. Roasted Duck
4. Chicken Teriyaki
5. Fried Bee Hoon
6. Assorted Fruits
7. White Fungi Dessert

Love this vegetable dish the most! Not any vegetable dish by the way. The mushroom was so well braised and hidden below were baby abalones and my favourite sea cucumbers! I have already decided that this will be on my CNY reunion menu for 2016! Hahaha! 

This curry was so awesome!!! Goes well with the bee hoon, the rice or the bread! 

Ate like crazy during CNY
Laughed like crazy
Took photos like crazy

Overall, I just mad love CNY! Not because of the food (not entirely) but because of the bonding time that we get to spend together. Especially with my dearest family because these 4 days are in fact the only time when the parents can really put their hectic work aside and take a short break. :'( 

Alright, thank you for hanging in till the end! Good job to you! :D 

CNY 2016, till then~