Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Review: Do.Main Bakery @ Tanjong Katong Road

Located along Tanjong Katong road, Do.Main Bakery is an authentic French bakery that is opened by 2 Frenchmen! Frederic Deshaves and Christophe Megel, both formerly taught at At-Sunrice! 

It is a relatively small cafe, maximum 20-seaters? But size doesn't matter. It's the food that we are looking for. ^^  

So we were invited here somewhere last Feb to try out their new ala carte menu, and of course we certainly did not give their pastries a miss! :D

The savoury ala carte menu. 

Choices are quite limited I would say, but considering that it's a small cafe and their strength is really on their baked products. These choices are satisfying enough. :)

The wonderland you stepped into upon swinging open the door. That pleasant smell of freshly bakes, yes, I could still remember that smell. So good that I went to the bread counter almost immediately!  

Some of the savoury items that we tried. 

Broken eggs, (plain $12/ bacon $15). 

A classic French dish served with Mouillettes (not bread sticks!)

The French certainly knows their eggs. A simple dish, yet so comforting! I especially love their flavourful mouillettes! I could just eat it on it's own! 

Cassolette oven baked escargot, $16. 

One of the reason for me to know French cuisine would be escargots! For the price, this is definitely a steal! 

I actually enjoyed dipping my bread into the dish to sweep up the remnants!:D 

Tartiflette reblochon, $16. 

Baked cheese with bacon and potatoes.

And so, this was the dish that captured my heart. I finished the plate and was left wanting for more! That should be the standard of all cheesy products! 

And of course, it will be a joke to leave a French bakery without trying their breads. 

Apparently, one of the best bread basket I've tired in a while!So good that I finished a basket by myself! :P   

I love the walnut bread the best! So flavourful that I ate them plain without any spread or dip! :')

A pity that we didn't get to try their sandwiches and quiches. Heard from the rest who have tried and they said those were really good too!!

Done with savoury and of course we need to try their desserts!! 

We were pampered with too much desserts for 4 to share in fact. :P

Valentine's special creation - Tropezienne ($12) 

Not available anymore, but I thought I'll still share just in case Chef decided to bring this back on the menu for good. :D 

Basically raspberry cream and compote between a brioche! Love the taste profile of this! Sweet yes, but balanced with the slight sourness from the raspberry and the awesome brioche!

Mandarin Orange Eclairs (cny special, no longer available) and Salted Caramel Éclairs. 

There were mixed reviews for these. Some liked the mandarin orange more while some prefer the salted caramel. 

For me, I'll go for the Orange one! Salted caramel didn't taste like one to me. More like just caramel. Not sure if I have heard it wrongly.  Salted caramel will definitely be good! Otherwise, this was seriously too sweet.

Haven't had enough eclairs to compare. So far the best I had was from Maison Kayser, but now, I will choose Do.main's version! The pastry cream wins everything! :P

Classic chouquette cream puff, $5.

 The vanilla beans say all. But my only complain will be that the cream puff was too small for me! 

$5 for a bite size is seriously ex. :/ 

Bourdaloue tart with apples, $5 per slice.

Bourdaloue tart with pears and almond, $5 per slice. 

If I really need to choose, I will take the apple tarts! But if you prefer something that is milder and less sweet, pear tart will be right for you. 

On a side note, I can't wait to try the chef's Apple tart recipe!! He shared it publicly. So you can just do a google search for it! ^^ 

ps: I told you we had lots of sweets right? :PpP

 Assorted Macarons (peanut butter caramel, chocolate, coconut), $2 per piece/$6 per pack.

Ever since my first experience with Pierre Herme's macarons, it was a road of no returns for me. Macarons, I have fallen for you. <3  

So imagine how happy I was to see this basket of macarons being presented to us! :D 

Certainly, my Pierre Herme's macarons are still the best, but coming from the perspective of price, these are certainly a great steal! 

Don't ask me to choose which is the best because the 3 have their distinct taste profiles. To be honest, I love them all!

Since my last visit, Do.Main Bakery has gathered quite a good number of fans and their daily baked goods are selling real fast! So be there early if you intend to pop by! ^^ 

Their breads and pastries are something that you wouldn't want to miss! :D

226 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437015
Operating Hours: Tues-Thurs: 8am - 9pm
                              Fri-Sat: 8am - 10 30pm
                 Sun: 8am - 9pm
Contact: 6348 1406


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