Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Eyelash extension @ Vain Beauty // 'The Prelude' by Le Grand Wedding & Z Wedding Design

Very honoured to be offered a eyelash extension sponsorship by Vain Beauty @ Far East Plaza and so I decided to take up the offer! :D 

I was bit sceptical at first, as I heard eyelash extensions causes pain? :/ So it took me a while before I finally decided to take up the offer! ^^ 

What changed my mind was of course the positive reviews I read online and words from friends who have done eyelash extensions before. :) 

The lady who did the job for me was very skilled! I think she is call Wen Wen? 

Mr Tan who was with me was so amazed by her. Haha! 

Because she was able to stick the eyelashes (so tiny!) one by one on my eyes! Hahaha! 

I don't know how others feel about eyelash extension, but I honestly didn't feel any pain at all! So who said eyelash extensions is painful eh? In fact I slept though the 30 minutes procedure! Heh. :P

Had to wait for another 15 minutes with my eye closed for the glue to dry. 

I was bored...

But glad that Mr Tan was there to entertain me! Heh. <3

Left: Before
Right: After

Picture speaks all eh? 

My natural eyelash is already long, but lacked the volume. So you can see the difference in my eyelash now. So much more volume!! And it's already curled. That means more need to apply any mascara! Hehe.. 

It has already been a week now, and the eyelash extension is still doing good! Check out my dayre for more updates of my eyelash extension! ^^

Quote 'lirong' to get $8 discount for eyelash extension and 10% discount for all other services! 
ps: Vain Beauty offers hair extension, eye brow trimming, manicure, pedicure and more! Check out their website! :)

14, Scotts Rd, #03-140, #03-113, 
Far East Plaza S(228213) 
Contact: +65 9711 5290 / +65 9850 6743


After the eyelash extension I went over to 'The Prelude' - bridal fashion show by Le Grand Wedding & Z Wedding Design

The fashion show venue was at Chijmes Hall and it was so gorgeous! <3

I'll let the beautiful gowns do the talking! 
ps: these are just some of my favourites from the collections! 

I especially love all the back details on all the gowns!! *insert heart shape eyes*

Thank you and congrats to Le Grand Wedding & Z Wedding Design for the wonderful show! ^^

Our ootds! ^^

Because I really like my eyelash extension. Hohoho! :D 

Weekends like this are hard to come by especially with our busy schedules and family commitments. :') 

Ok. Last one I promise. Hahaha! 

Quote 'lirong' to get $8 discount for eyelash extension and 10% discount for all other services! ^^



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