Saturday, October 3, 2015

Review: The Carvery // The Carnivore // Carne Caipirinha // District 10 Bar & Grill

Recently I went to 3 different UNLIMITED MEAT BUFFETS on separate occasions, so I thought I'll compile them together and share with everyone~ 

Especially meat lovers and all carnivores out there! Be prepared for an eye feast! :D

These are the 3 places that I'm reviewing, The Carvery, The Carnivore and Carne Caipirinha. 

If I'm not wrong, currently these are the only 3 places in Singapore that focuses on meat in their buffet spread? Let me know if you know if I missed out any! :) 

1. The Carvery.

Located on the 7th floor of newly opened Park Hotel Alexandra, this is the place to go if you're looking for premium roasts

I was here on a weeknight for a media tasting, But I heard on weekends, you have to make reservations in order to secure a table! 

In fact after the tasting, I actually wanted to bring my family here on a Sunday. But when I called in to make a reservation, it was fully reserved! 

So, please make reservation at least a week in advance if you're thinking of coming on a weekend! ^^

That night we were served with 4 different types of roast. 

What you're seeing this the Australian Beef prime ribsServed medium rare! 

All the roast are served medium rare in fact. Well, you can require for other options, but medium rare is seriously the standard to eat beef!

Other options includes, roasted beef and herb crusted US black angus tenderloin.

Pork knuckle with crackling.
I LOVE PORK KNUCKLE!! Especially that crispy cracking part. But if you prefer white meat. The rotisserie chicken is a must try!

Meat is of course the focus at the carvery. But they do offer some selections of other food as well.
Like a mini salad bar, which was pretty good!

Seafood as well. Just prawns, mussels and oysters (dinner only) for that night.
Sometimes there will be crabs. But who comes to carvery for seafood? :P

Mushroom soup 
Cheese table
Baked red onions, soft white polenta, smoked egg plant, mashed potatoes, cream of cob. 
About 18 cooked food to select from!

1. Butter rice (saffron rice, olive rice on other days)
2. Red mullet with pesto cream
3. Lamb stew 
4. Seafood stew

I love the lamb stew especially! Oh yes, sometimes there will be lamb on the roast as well, but that night it wasn't available. 
Polenta fries
Mushroom stew
Cauliflower gratin

Sometimes it will be beef bourguignon, cow au vin and others. Really base on rotational basis! ^^

There were also other items like bread, pizza and pasta which were good as well! In fact I love the pizza! ^^

Just the first round of the many rounds that we had. :P 

Head over to my dayre (@lirongs) for more pictures! ^^

The Carvery Buffet
Lunch: $38++ (daily)
Dinner: $52++ (Sun-Thu), $62++ (Fri-Sat)

The Carvery
Park Hotel Alexandra, 
323 Alexandra Road Level 7
Singapore 159972
Tel: 6828 8880
Opening Hours: 12pm - 3pm, 
                          6pm - 10pm


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2. The Carnivore.

As mentioned above, I had wanted to treat my dad to a birthday dinner at The Carvery, but it was fully booked so I changed the plan to The Carnivore @ Marina Bay Sands. 

As long as there's meat for daddy! Hahaha! :P 

There's a small salad bar besides the meat!

I'm impressed with the salad bar! Love their jackfruit salad, butter rice, beef stew and almost everything! 

I was 'complaining' that they are so evil to serve such a good salad bar! Then the diners wouldn't have enough stomach capacity for the meat! Hahaha! 

There is also a mini dessert and fruit bar, but quite mediocre. So save your stomach for the main highlights.


I think we were served about 10 different cuts that night, and my favourite was this beef rump! 

It was FORK TENDER! <3 

Most of the meats, I had one serving and I'm good. But I had 3 servings of this beef rump because I couldn't get over how tender it was! 

Decent pork belly.

Can't remember what this was, but it was good as well! 

I've enjoyed the chicken thigh wrapped with bacons too! 

Unlimited servings of meat ranging from chicken, beef, lamb to fish! 

Read on my dayre as well for more pictures! :P

We were so stuffed! Haha! 

In fact, we avoided meat for 2 days after this meal. :P 

In terms of meat selection, there are way more here! But quality wise, the carvery wins.
So your choice. Depend on what you're looking for?:)

Buffet Lunch: 12.00pm to 3.00pm$34++ per adult / $15++ per childBuffet Dinner: 6.00pm to 11.00pm$49++ per adult / $20++ per child

Carnivore MBS2 Bayfront Avenue, #01-80The Shoppes at Marina Bay SandsSingapore 018972Tel: 6688 7429


3. Carne Caipirinha

Located at Sunset Way, I was invited here for a tasting. :)

This is the one and only one and only charcoal-fried Brazilian churrascaria in Singapore! 

Because of the similarity between The Carnivore and Carne Caipirinha (both are Brazilian churrascaria), it is inevitable for me to compare. Especially when I have recently visited both places. 

Note that The Carnivore do not use charcoal to roast their meat. :) 

Carne Caipirinha has a mini salad bar as well. But no far as good as what I had from The Carnivore. Tried a bit of everything and that's all. 

But it didn't bother me because it's a meat buffet after all. Good that I saved my stomach capacity for more meats! Haha! 

There are a total of 13 different types of meat but we only managed to try 11 as the other 4 weren't available. 

There 3 were my favourites here!
Pork belly, chicken fillet with bacon and chicken heart! 

You have to try the chicken heart especially and that crispy pork belly! So different from the one I had from The Carnivore. Definitely prefer this. :D 

Beef rump and Beef rump cap.
Other items include beef hump and lamb leg, pork ham and pork ribs! 

Again, head to my dayre for more pictures! :P

Overall I would say the salad bar at The Carnivore is much better! I kept going back for more appetizers, salad and cooked food!

But, meat itself, Carne Caipirinha wins! Seasoning and flavours is much better here. At The Carnivore, after a while I find all the meats having the same seasoning. They all tasted the same to me towards the end. Haha! 

Come early before 7pm (weekday), 6pm (weekend), and you can enjoy the meaty buffet for $39.90, instead of $49.90! ^^

Block 106 Sunset Way,
Clementi Street 12, #01-50, (S) 120106
Mondays – Saturdays: 5.30pm – 11pm
Sundays & Public Holidays: 5pm – 11pm
Phone:6464 0478

Ok, one bonus place for meat lovers, District 10 Bar & Grill

Non-buffet though. ^^

Was invited to District 10 Bar & Grill newest outlet in town at Suntec City the other night. :) 

The outlet here is really small compare to other places. But what makes it different is that this new outlet features charcoal grill cooking of premium dry-aged meat! :)

Look at the dry aged meat! 

Dry-aging or hanging of cuts originates from a popular age-old practice in most non-tropical regions. This preservation method not only controlled wastage, butchers and gourmets later discovered that the dry-aged meat had a surprisingly higher concentration of natural flavours! As the enzymes broke down the connective tissues in the muscles which softened and tenderized the meat. 

Started the session with a live demonstration of the preparation of our dinner by the chef cum owner, Chef Luca, who is very humourous! 

We tried 2 dry aged meat. First is this, 45 days dry aged corn fed US prime OP rib.

$20++ per gram.

Very tender and juicy!! 

Mr Tan and I couldn't stop at just 1 or 2 pieces! Considering that I had a number of meat tasting already! 

This is the fiorentina steak or T-bone steak, $22 per gram.

Chef Luca simply seasoned the meat with some salt, pepper and olive oil, but the meat was so flavourful! Thanks to the use of Japanese charcoal in the grilling process too! ^^

ps: although the meat looks really red and rare, it definitely didn't taste raw at all! 

Highly recommended if you love some quality meats!

3 Temasek Boulevard 
Suntec City Mall #01-515
Singapore 038983
Phone:6822 2886


I'm actually not a big fan of meat. I prefer carbo, bread and sweets! Hehe..

But after trying these 4 meat places, I think I could do with some good quality meat once in a while to load up the proteins! :D