Friday, November 27, 2015

Review: Joyden Treasures @ Kallang Leisure Park

Mr Tan and I went for a dinner invitation at Joyden's newest dining concept at Kallang Leisure Park (Singapore Sports Hub). It's call Joyden Treasures, also the 3rd baby under Joyden Concepts. 

Previously, Mr Tan and I have been to Joyden Canton Kitchen and we love the food there! Naturally, the anticipation and expectation for this newest venture was also higher as well. :D

By the way, this new restaurant at Kallang Leisure Park (not Kallang Wave Mall!) is also  the biggest among the 3! There are like 6 VIP rooms available for reservation! 

We started our dinner with a very hearty soup, wholesome double boiled seafood soup in whole old cucumber, $14.

Dig a little deeper into the homemade broth of mushrooms, dried scallops and fish maws, you'll find a little surprise - a dumpling! Haha!

Phoenix beancurd skin prawn roll, $16/22/30.

This humble looking dish was actually one of our top pick! Bite into the crispiness to reveal the fresh prawns, salted eggs, century eggs and cilantro within!

It's actually a popular snack in the older days, maybe our grandparents will remember? :P

Anyway, if you notice, each Joyden concept has a distinct theme! For this, it focuses a lot on traditional and even heritage dishes of the owner's family! 

Some of really interesting! Like this steamed red grouper in homemade soy bean broth, market price.

Flavoured with just fresh ginger, chives, straw mushrooms and black fungus, with ingredients like this, if not the freshest fish, the smell and taste would tell.

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at Leisure Park
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October 2015, this

That soybean broth smelled so good!! I can't wait to drink it when I was snapping photos of it!:P

Oh yes, soy milk broth is made from scratch! Likewise to all other concepts, Joyden pays a lot of attention to the food that they present to their diners. Almost everything is homemade! Including all the sauces and condiments! 

Hello to my 2nd favourite dish of the night! Crispy fragrant duck with petite lotus buns, $58.

Almost like a hybrid of Peking duck and Kong bak pau?

Highlight is the duck of course. Look at just how yummy it looks!

The duck has a strong herbal smell and taste because it has been simmered with fragrant herbs and spices!! And the result was like an Asian style duck confit!

I'm not even a big fan of duck, but I couldn't resist having one after another! :P

Jumbo prawns in traditional dark sauce ($26/36/52).

You will need a bowl of rice and even more to go with this dish! 
The dark soy sauce is also homemade in house and it's a sesame oil-based dark sauce. So you can imagine that nice sesame smell? ^^

ps: I ended up dipping the duck meat into this dark soy sauce! :P

How many crabs to you see here?
I feel so entertained when I took this picture. Lol!

Anyway, another signature item here that you probably don't see elsewhere, traditional salt baked crab (market price).

Sri Lankan crab that is baked with a blend of different salts! Each with their unique taste profile yo~

Of course the salts were brushed away before being served. So not too salty~

Finally, dessert time~

Traditional orh nee with pumpkin and ginkgo, $16/25/36 or $6 per bowl!
I like how the orh nee wasn't the smooth and watery one. It even have pieces of yam bits in it! Water chestnut is added as well!

Being a crazy orh nee lover, this is one of the best I've tried.

Fluffy brown sugar ma-la-gao! $4.20 per piece and only available during lunch time!

For lunch, Joyden treasures features a lot of dim sum items on their menu. Much more affordable too! Dim sum is between 11.30 -3pm daily by the way. :)

I heard there's a homemade crushed peanut ang gu kueh!! Omg. I want to come back for that!

Overall, we had a great dinner experience at Joyden Treasures once again. Looking forward to coming back here again with our families! ^^

5 Stadium Walk, 
Kallang Leisure Park,
Singapore 397693
Tel: 64468488
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11.30am to 3pm, 6pm to 10pm
Sat-Sun: 10.30am to 3pm, 5.30pm to 10pm



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