Monday, December 21, 2015

Review: 20F Speciality Coffeehouse @ Foch Road

One of the latest player in Singapore's competitive cafe scene, 20F Speciality Coffeehouse. 

Though new, it has made a name for itself for their unique combination of sweet and savoury, duck & waffle! 

If you follow any cafe-loving Instagrammer, your feed would probably be filled with lots of their duck & waffle shots! This is exactly the reason that brought me here. 

Since, I'm far away from London for the real deal, Duck & Waffle Restaurant, at least I have a Singapore version that is closer to me? :D 

It was a quiet weekday night. May seem like the cafe is empty, but not quite so. 

There is a tiny walkway that links to another part of the cafe within. 

I think nowadays, do really be able to survive in this competitive cafe markert in Singapore, food and service we don't have to say, another essential seem to be how instagram-worthy your cafe is! 

Really, I have to admit that I do choose cafes to visit or even some dishes to eat because they look pretty or they have nice background for photos. 

ps: That's Mr Tan looking all stressed over our house renovation! I think it will be my turn soon to pull my hair when I start to plan our wedding too. 

Instead of the normal signature 20F Iced Coffee, $6.50. We had the Christmas special version. Still the same Iced Coffee but with rum & raisin infusion and topped with mashmarrow. 

Was afraid that it will be too sweet at first, but turned out fine for me! Coffee beans are from Liberty Coffee by the way, so the standard is there. 

We also tried the Mixed Berried & Chai Seeds Iced Tea, $7. Just because I feel like being a little healthier.

Hahaha!! :P

They have quite a number of interesting beverages to try! Love trying new things! :D

Ok, a 'family' shot of the food we had. 


The legendary Duck & Waffle, $22. 

A duck confit served with buttermilk waffles, strawberry compote and mixed berries sorbet. 

You be be thinking, sweet and savoury on the same plate? Eating hot & cold stuff together, you sure?

Yes, very sure!

Was pretty amazed by how good the duck confit was! So tender! 

And buttermilk waffles can't go wrong, seriously. 

Just imagine yourself eating your mains and desserts at the same time? Hahaha! 

Yes yes! Is nice de. ^^

Grilled Turkey Roulade with Cranberry orange relish, served with either seasonal greens or linguine, $26.

This is of course another limited time only, Christmas special dish!

While I wish the linguine was cooked to Al dente, the turkey roulade was really good!  

Truffle Fries, $12. 

Had wanted to try their sticky, spicy wings, but I just can't resist ordering truffle fries whenever I see it on the menu! Haha! 

Before I even look at the mains, I've already decided what dessert I want to try! Hahaha!

Very Matcha, $8. 

The name says all. 

A matcha cake with matcha mousse, served with matcha sauce and a vanilla ice cream with pistachio. 

Matcha fans look hereeeee~

You won't want to give this a miss. The cake itself was so flufffyyy~ 

Overall, we had a great meal at 20F Coffeshouse. Love how they kept the menu away from the usual cafe food, instead they innovate and came up with very refreshing ideas! I think with consistency and good services, they should be able to hold against the many cafes in this area like Bravery, CCSH, Tiramisu Hero and more! 

20 Foch Road, Singapore 209261
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 am to 10:00 pm
                                  Brunch 10am to 5pm, Dinner 5pm to 9pm (last order)



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