Monday, January 4, 2016

Hello, 2016.

Hopefully not too late for this post. 

We are still relatively new into the year of 2016. 

A year which I anticipated to be a tiring yet exciting one. :)

2015 ended on a good note. 

If you didn't already know, Mr Tan and I are engaged. :')

I have shared about #howImetMrTan and #howMrTanproposed on my Dayre. You can search them using these 2 hashtags. ^^

In 2015, also at the end of the year, we received a good piece of news. 

We will soon be a proud home owners in coming February 2016. :')

This picture is of course not our home, I've grabbed it from Google search. Haha! But this is a idea of how our future nest would look like. 

So our December and till now, Mr Tan and I have been looking and meeting different contractors and interior designers. We hope to be able to meet THE ONE soon. Who we can entrust to build our first nest to. ^^ 

If you follow me on my Dayre, you'll be able to see how much rants I have over home renovations. LOL! 

So we can't wait to get our keys and start the renovation work as soon as we settle on our ID. :)

ps: If you have suitable IDs to recommend, please write in to me! :D Or if you have lobangs for furnitures and home appliances, do share as well! <3 Drop me an email at! 

Of course, last but not least. 2016 will be the year where we will be busy with our wedding plan too. ^^

Not planning to be a 2016 bride. We are looking at May 2017, but that means that we got to start planning this year! Maybe after we get the home renovation settled, more or less. :) 

Yes, I'm all into a garden type of wedding. <3 

Still exploring on more ideas, so if you have good locations for garden wedding, do share with me as well! ^^

Follow me on my Dayre if you're interested to read more about my home renovation and wedding planning progress! I just may not have the time to blog frequently. :/ 

Alright. Till then! 

May 2016 but a fruitful year for everyone out there! <3



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