Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Review: Lemon Blackberry Cake *Gluten free* from Batterful

Hello everyone! ^^

Wow! I didn't realise I was away this long! Haha! It feels like I'm still updating my life, but on a different platform. That's Dayre (@lirongs) I'm referring to of course. 

Are you following me there yet? :D

Anyway, today I'm sharing with everyone yet another cake that I've baked. But not a recipe to the cake. It's a review! 

I'm reviewing about my own cake?


I've baked this gluten free cake using a very special subscription box that was sent to my doorstep by the good people of Batterful! :)

Batterful offers quite an interesting concept. 
It is the first baking subscription service in Singapore to deliver everything you need to create chef-designed pastries to your doorstep every month ($29.90/month)! 
Quote 'lirongs' on your 1st checkout to get $6 discount! ^^

So this was what I see when I opened up my first box of Batterful subscription box! I have all the ingredients that I need for the cake, all in exact measurements! Of course, the corresponding recipe as well. :) 

I followed the recipe religiously and this was the look before I sent the cake into the oven! ^^


The result. :) 

I think what I like best is really the part where all the ingredients are packed to exact measurements! Save me the hassle of measuring. Hehe.. :P

Also, I think the subscription box is especially good for people who are new to baking? The tips given in the recipe are quite useful!

If you want to bake something for a special one but aren't confident in doing so. Batterful would be useful for you. ^^

Nothing like food that's made with the love label. <3 

Checkout more on the recipes that Batterful has on their website

Remember to quote my name 'lirongs' to get $6 discount when you checkout your first box of Batterful! ^^

Have fun baking, you! <3



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