Monday, April 11, 2016

Review: Captain K Seafood Tower @ Prinsep Street

Captain K Seafood Tower, this 9-tiers seafood tower is bringing hotpot/steamboat to a whole new level!  Mr Tan and I were invited by this newly opened restaurant for a dinner. :)

Captain K here implies Korean, it's a concept that is being brought over from the K world, adding to the multitude of Korean inspired food choices in Singapore. While seafood tower obviously suggests that you're in for a seafood feast! ^^
Think 9 layers of steamed shells. Seafood fans, are you excited yet? :D 

Different seafood are cooked layer by layer from top to bottom, and as the seafood is steamed, the yummy juices are collected at the base, forming a very flavourful soup base!
Besides, the 9-tiers seafood tower, they have smaller ones to cater to smaller group of diners. :)
But of course, I recommend you to come in big group! It's a good experience I would say. :) 
The nine layers comprise of scallops, prawns, squid, oysters, lobsters, clams, mussels, crab and finally the soup base, in that order from the top to bottom layer.
Favourite was the Hokkaido scallops! So big and juicy~~
The squid stuffed with rice was yummy too! The only layer that has carb in it as well. :)
Another of my pick would be these Vienna clams, Chilean blue mussels. They were so fresh!!Look at that generous amount too! :D
Crabs, lobsters, prawns and langoustine. 
Unfortunately, as they were found towards the bottom, these seafood were over-steamed. Quite a waste for such precious seafood. :/ 
Finally, revealing the hotpot at the bottom! ^^
The soup bases come in three variations, from a classic Kombu Dashi stock, to a house-made kimchi stew, to a uniquely Korean inspired ginseng broth. Coupled with the natural seafood flavours, each of this delectable soup base will make for a comforting and heartwarming dining experience.
Additional cost for the ingredients for steamboat if the layers of steamboat aren't filling enough.
You can select your plates from here. At the other side, there's a range of condiments for you to play with! ^^
I can't resist ramyeon! 
One thing I like about Captain K is that they don't serve normal instant noodles, they have Korean ramyeon! So much nicer I would say. ^^
A busy Wednesday night. 
While the concept is an innovative one and managed to captivate the interest of us, diners. I think to keep up with the hype, Captain K definitely needs to think of ways to improve on the waiting time (it took a long while before our seafood tower was being served) as well as the steaming time for the different layers of seafood. 
30 Prinsep Street, #01-02 ERC Institute, Singapore 188647
Phone: +65 6255 2270
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 11.30am–3pm; 6pm–10:30pm



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