Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Review: Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory @ Chinatown Point

I think Chir Chir needs no introduction? I've mentioned about them here  (OMG! Exactly, a year ago when I blogged about them! LOL!). Anyway, if you have no idea what I'm talking about, take a walk at 313 Somerset's B3 during dinner time. That long queue will lead you to Chir Chir. :) 

Anyway, being a fan of Chir Chir's fried chicken, I'm all excited to know what the Korean franchise has came up in their new menu! 

 Honey Butter Chicken ($28.90)
This new creation is inspired by the latest honey Butter craze in Korea. Love the slightly sweet coating on the deboned chicken, potato wedges and pan fried toppoki! 

Those pan fried topokki were so addictive! 

Talk about toppoki, their  Toppoki & Cheese, $9.90 is like a level up from their popular Mac & Cheese counterpart. 

Unlike your typical western style Mac&Cheese which is usually oven-baked to give a burnt taste on the cheese, the version at Chir Chir is more 'gao' and wet. 

Not advisable to have this by yourself as it gets a bit too jelak with too much cheese and toppoki. Sharing is caring ya? ^^

More toppoki for you?  Haha!

Spicy Toppoki, $15.90.

This level of spiciness is not for the weak hearted. Mr Tan couldn't take it after a few mouths. Haha! It's the type of spiciness that will linger at your throat. It burns, but being a huge fan of spiciness, I love that burning sensation. :D 

Well, I think it will be better if ramyeon or Korean glass noodles is added in? I'm trying to imagine how good the noodles will taste after soaking up that fiery gravy! :D 

That will be a perfect dish for me! <3 

You'll find yourself Cajun batter squid, deep fried hard boiled egg, Korean fish cakes and of course, more toppoki! Haha! 
+ $4 add on will give you a good amount of breaded chicken. Highly recommended that you do so because even the breaded chicken was so tender (had expected it to be dry)! 

Saving the best to the last, Rosemary Chicken, $29.90 was my favourite of the night. 

Despite being super full from swallowing too much toppoki, I find myself unable to resist a second helping of these oven-roasted chicken served with baked potato, salsa and baked egg. 

What's the magic that make the chicken so moist and tender even with the chicken breast piece?! 


If you're not into fried chicken or chicken (then why are you at Chir Chir? :P) You can give this Spicy Seafood Soup, $26.90 a try. 

Honestly, I find the dish a little out of place at Chir Chir? 
But wells, I guess it's helpful to have alternatives other than chicken. :) 

You can find yourself seafood like mussels, prawns, crayfish and squid! Underneath these seafood treasure is my favourite Korean glass noodles! Huge portion over here! I guess seafood fans will be very very happy with it! 

Oh yes, after trying the Spicy Toppoki, this level of spiciness is no kick at all. Haha! 

You'll definitely need some drinks to go along with the food! A big bonus when the drinks are so photogenic too! ^^

A random Mr Tan popped up to tell everyone that Chir Chir @ Chinatown is open daily till 3am!!  

Yes, if you're craving fried chicken in the middle of the night, you know where to go. ^^

Thank you Chir Chir once again for the great food and company! ^^

133 New Bridge Rd
#01-43 Chinatown Point
Singapore 059413
Tel: +65 6538 1069
Operating hours: 11am to 3am (daily)



  1. Pretty handsome and nice decoration at the end. The dish is really lovable and worth trying. I am making up my mind to try it sometime on the weekend for a perfect luxurious dinner.

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