Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

With Mother's Day just being TOMORROW, if you don't already know. ^^

Previously, I've shared a few recipes that you can create at home for dearest mummy. Be it a cake or a simple feast! :) 

Well, even if you're not the most confident in the kitchen (why let mummy clear up your mess after use right? :P), there will always be the professional ones to the rescue! ^^


I don't know about you, but Mother's Day is incomplete in my family if a cake is not presented. I've no idea why must there be a cake, but it's always nice to end the celebration on a sweet note ya? ^^

“I Love Mom” Pure Mao Shan Wang Durian Cake by Peony Jade
  Now till 8 May 2016

Peony Jade has always been known for their quality Mao Shan Wang dessert (especially their mao shan wang mooncake! :D ), this king of durian certainly did not disappoint! 

The 15cm and 20cm cakes are priced at S$138+ and S$158+ respectively. Please call: 6276 9138 and/or 6375 5562 to order! Alternatively, visit their website here.

The price is definitely on the higher end for a cake. But. It's the best grade of durian we are talking about! 
Highly recommended if mummy is a huge fan of durian! <3

JADE, Bakerzin’s cake-of-the-month (May).

Available from 1 May 2016 to 31 May 2016 at all Bakerzin outlets, JADE is priced at:
·$8.50 (per slice)
·$60 (approx. 1.3kg for 8-10 pax)
·$80 ( approx. 2.3kg for 14-16 pax)

To pre-order, visit any Bakerzin outlet one day in advance. Orders can also be placed online via the Bakerzin website

Mother’s Day Promotion
From 1 May 2016 to 8 May 2016, enjoy a 15% discount on all whole cakes and an additional 5% discount for JADE (whole cake). 
Applicable at all Bakerzin outlets and for online orders.

A smooth and rich cake, that is dense and melts instantly in the mouth. 

Full-cream Philly cream cheese is lightly whisked into a mixture of fresh farm eggs, cream, sugar and a dash of Madagascar vanilla. Set atop crushed biscuit crumbs and lavishly topped with a divine fudged-like Pandan-infused coconut coulis and luxuriant white chocolate ganache, the cheesecake is lightly crusted around the rims with tropical desiccated coconut.

Fickle Feline 2.0, ($42.90) by Cat & The Fiddle.

Like the original Fickle Feline, this 2.0 version consists ten different slices of cheesecake. The Fickle Feline 2.0 is non-alcoholicand features the latest cheesecake flavour – Red Riding Hood (Red Velvet Cheesecake). 

Here is the line-up:
 Apple of My Eye (Apple Crumble)
 Maneki Neko (Yuzu, Lemon and Lime)
 Naughty and Nice (Decadent Chocolate)
 Once in the Blue Moon (Aromatic Blueberries)
 Over the Moon (Classic New York)
 Paws of Fury (Yuan Yang)
 Queen of Hearts (Strawberry)
 Red Riding Hood (Red Velvet) - NEW
 Sweet & Smokey Taffy (Salted Caramel)
 The Modern Duke's Pudding (Oreo)

Personally, I love the new red velvet cheesecake and the apple crumble cheesecake! So yummy~

Logged onto, to make your order now! You can even choose to add-ons things like include, flowers, teddy bears, novelty candles that burn with different coloured flames, greeting cards and, for a nd out more about their cake selection at or PS: download the mobile app to get $10 off your first purchase using the app! ^^

Chateraise is a popular patisserie from Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan.
They are more than 450 stores in Japan alone! And you know how much the Japanese value quality food.^^

What's so special about Chateraise is that they work with their local farmers to bring you the freshest ingredients! I heard even the water used is from Mount Fuji!

We tried some of their most popular items on their shelf and we were so delighted by the quality of the cake! I hardly give praise to store bought cakes by the way. To even think that buttercream cake is nice is even rarer. This however made me fell in love with buttercream! 
It was so light? Not jelak at all! 

Quality cake with affordable price tag (per piece is no more than $5.10), read more about my review of the cake on my Dayre and stay tune to my instagram for an upcoming giveaway with Chateraise~

Price ranges from $4.20-$4.50 each! Cheaper if you buy more of course. Like this box of 6 is $26.

I like how the cupcakes here are not too sweet and the cake itself is so moist! :D 

PS: they do whole cake as well! ^^



When I stepped in, it felt like I was being teleported to another dimension. Really good effort on the design and decoration of the restaurant

红烧狮子头, a dish that you can't miss when at a Shanghai restaurant! 

Overall, love the ambience at 大上海!they even have singers to sing through the night. You'll hear
those very classic 老歌that the more senior generations will be able to relate to! It is a good place to bring your folks. Think they will love this their nostalgic environment here. :)

Read the entire review on my dayre

This Mother's Day, Yum Cha has launched 3 special items just for dear mummy! ^^

1. Kong bak pau 
2. Pan fried salted fish bun.
3. Almond tarts

The almond tarts are a must try for all almond lovers! Almost like an almond paste in egg tart form. ^^

Well, at Yum Cha you shouldn't give their valuable dim sum buffet a miss!

Fried pumpkin and yam! A winner combination for me! :D

Do check out their a la carte dinner menu as well. This stir fried mee sua was so flavourful and yummy!

Another must try is this stir fried black pepper beef. New on their menu yo!
Read more on the food on my Dayre once again. :P

Easily one of my favourite meal thus far. Crystal Jade prestige. One of crystal jade's newest addition to their many different concepts. 

Now this was the highlight of course. Tea smoked duck, 北京烤鸭, $78.

Be it the crispy duck skin, meat from the thighs and drumsticks or breast meat. They were all so flavourful! 
Best eaten with the housemade crepe that will be served along. :)

Roasted baby suckling pig rolled with black truffled pearl rice, $20 per piece, $168 for half or $328 for whole pig.
Boy. This was so good! Currently the best suckling pig I've tried so far. Also because I love the taste of the truffle in it. :P

Pan fried minced fish noodles with scallops, $12.
I think fish noodles is getting more and more popular now? It tastes like noodles but less carb compare to noodles itself.

These are just 3 of my favourite items at Crystal Jade Prestige. But seriously, I love all the items we tried that night! :D

So I'm going to say read the full review on my Dayre! Haha! :P

I hope I've given you some idea for Mother's Day ya? :D

Stay tune to my Dayre for what my brother and I will be cooking up for our mother tml! ^^



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