Saturday, August 11, 2018

Jaylene is sick for the first time

My little girl fell sick for the first time at 4.5 months. All thanks to mama for spreading the virus to her. T.T

So she started having blocked nose, then runny nose and was coughing with phlegm. 

You probably have heard this before, that a sick baby is a parent's worse nightmare. Her sleep was totally disrupted. I mean, even us as an adult would have problem falling asleep when having a blocked nose. So imagine a poor baby. :'( 

She had to be carried most of the time in order to sleep, finally I decided to give her a soft pillow to elevate her a little. That helps a lot! But she still gets awaken easily because of her constant cough. :/ 

We brought her to the pd the next day when we find that her cough is persistent and had phlegm. 

Good to know that when a baby coughs, it can be rather serious as the lungs may be infected if not treated probably. So if your baby is coughing, do seek professional help! You won't want baby to end up having pneumonia when the phlegm enters the lungs. 

Our pd put Jaylene on nebulizer to help her to clear the phlegms. As Jaylene was about 4 months old, hence she couldn't take any medicine. After talking to some mummies, I realised that nebulizer is in fact the commonly used method to cure persistent coughs in young babies. 

Tips shared by the nurse is that, after using the nebulizer, it is more effective if you could cup your hand, pat your child's back (at the left lung's position) and then give a shake. Repeat on right lung. This helps to loosen the phlegm! 

How phlegm would be expelled from baby's body? 
Two ways. Either they vomit out or they poop out. Too bad that baby doesn't know how to spit out the phlegm like we do. :/ Jaylene didn't vomit at all. All her phlegm was cleared through her poop. You'll notice slimy, sticky substances in the poop! That was like better than strike lottery when I see them in her poop! Haha! So get your baby to poop more by feeding more frequently! Breastmilk is a good source of antibodies by the way. ^^ 

Also, don't be surprised that it takes about a month or so for a baby to fully recover from cough and phlegm. Yes, that long. T.T 

Rule of thumb shared by pd is that as long as baby's sleep is not affected, is feeding well and does not develop fever, it is fine. Just continue life as per normal. Thank god that Jaylene recovered in two weeks time! I think because she really poops a lot. My baby can poop like 3 times a day. Haha! 

So remember, if baby is coughing. Don't take any risk, bring to the pd! 

What if baby is not coughing? What to do if baby is having blocked nose or runny nose only? 

As shared by my pd, you can try using sterimar spray, wait for 5 minutes then apply iliadin. It really helps to unblock the nose! Both can be bought from Guardian. 

On the other hand, if baby is having a lot of mucus in the nose, lollababy nasal aspirator is a must have! 

But don't say I never warn you, be prepared for a screaming baby with any of the above methods. Baby will definitely not enjoy having any foreign object in their nose. But what to do? 

Finally, wear mask if you're not well! ^^