Thursday, August 2, 2018

Review: LG TWINWash

New washing machine in the house! 

This is the LG TWINWash that is able to wash two loads at the same time! Saving mama, me, a lot of time and energy when comes to doing laundry now. ^^ 

Honestly, when LG TWINWash first came into the market, I bought into the idea of its dual front load washer function. Especially when we were expecting baby Jaylene then. The two loads washing would be handy! However, when LG TWINWash was first launched, the size of it was humongous for a HDB, so we gave it a miss.  Hence, I am so happy now that LG has come up with more versions of TWINWash for different home sizes!

Mine is a 8/5kg Washer Dryer TWINWash and it fits perfectly in our service yard! ^^

You can refer to LG Singapore's website here for more models of the TWINWash. 

Before we have LG TWINWash, Jaylene's clothing were all hand-washed because we don't want to mix her delicate clothes with ours and it doesn't make sense to wash her tiny and few clothing in a big washer either. Definitely not energy, water or cost saving at all!

Now with our LG TWINWash , we can wash both the adults' and baby's laundry at the same time! 

The "main washer" washes our big load laundry that requires faster and deeper cleaning. It is very user friendly, just turn the knob to your desired washing function! 

Some of the key features of the main washer include: 
TurboWash™ which can finish the big load laundry in under 1 hour.
- TrueSteam™ technology which activates Allergy Care and Steam Refresh, reducing 99.9% allergens. Getting rid of house dust and mites for your family's hygiene care. 
- 6 Motion Direct Drive technology which mimics hand washing action, giving fabrics the proper care while getting clothes ultra clean.
- SmartThinQ™ technology which allows you to operate or monitor your laundry from anywhere, anytime. 

Now the exciting Mini Washer! It is a separate washer to takes care of small loads that require special care. Such as our sport wear, underwear, and baby clothing! 

It is really straight forward to use to mini washer. We have been using it to take care of Jaylene's daily laundry! The size is just right her for small load. Definitely much more energy saving and cost effective! 

Notice the blue rubbery thing? Unlike the main washer, the mini washer doesn't come with a detergent dispenser. Hence this smart introduction of the washable detergent holder! 

In case you're worried about safety with children at home, especially curious toddlers. LG TWINWash comes with safety "child lock" function! But for now, I'm going to employ my little girl to do her own laundry under my supervision. :P

Overall, LG TWINWash has saved us so much laundry time! Trust me, being a first time mum and the primary caregiver to a clingy baby, the last thing you want to worry about is laundry! Now, I get all my laundry washed and clean using the dual washer. I have more time to entertain Jaylene and can even steal some pockets of "me time" in between! Besides being cost effective and time saving, it is an added bonus when LG TWINWash is so quiet in it's performance! Cheers to less vibration and noise to wake a napping baby up! ^^


 ***This post is brought to you together with LG Singapore 


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