Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Jaylene's cake smash photoshoot

Jaylene is turning 1 soon! I cannot speak enough of how time passes just so quickly! It felt like yesterday when I first held her in my arms. :') 

To celebrate this occasion we decided to do a cake smash + family photoshoot with Bespoke Photography

We had it in a studio and I'm really happy that the place is really clean! Haha! You know as a mother, cleanliness is one thing you'll be very particular with since the baby is always on the floor. 

Hey, baby. Where is the neck? 

I love how unflattering this photo is! Jaylene looks like a little furball! 

Like what I've expected, Jaylene didn't like the new environment. She starting crying the moment I put her down or left her alone. So we had warm her up a little. 

Some tips for mummies, bring her favourite toys, sing her favourite song, play peekaboo, do anything to make her smile! 

We started the shoot by taking photos with Jaylene. As you can see, it wasn't easy to make this ice princess smile! Haha!

Thank goodness our photographer was very nice and patience! He tried really hard to play peekaboo with Jaylene to make her smile too! Haha! Such a boss baby, Jaylene!

Hello, baobei. What are you thinking about? 

I like the ones that were shoot with my husband! I take credit for being a clown behind the camera to make Jaylene smile! 


Don't they look so alike here?

Love love this family shoot of us! 

Before Jaylene got distracted, again! Haha!

This naughty girl started to play with her birthday hat!

Love this too!

Finally she is ready for the finale! Cake smash!

I didn't have to worry about her not wanting to touch the cake, the moment she sees it, she crawls right for it!

Having fun there~

Made a strawberry shortcake for her.



The cue that she had enough. 

Our photographer prompted us to get into the frame to play with her! Hahaha!

Like it a not, daddy and mummy are going to plant you with many many kisses! 


Very thankful to have this photoshoot with Bespoke Photography. It was a really relax and causal session. Highly recommended if you're looking for family photoshoot!

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