Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Review: JB food hunt @ City Square

Johor Bahru is one of us, Singaporean's favourite weekend getaway. You know that cheap thrill feeling when you have your passport stamped but actually you're just a stone's throw away from home. :P

Sometimes back the boy and I also had our first 'getaway' to City Square at JB. Heh. 

We reached City Square at about 1pm and naturally the first thing to do is to feed our hungry stomachs. 

First stop: Dontaku. 

Dontaku is an authentic Japanese restaurant that offers a range of mouth-watering food. 

This beautiful, bamboo-inspired restaurant evokes a feeling of zen in you while you partake in delicious Japanese cuisine.

A bento set like this in Singapore would probably cost $20, minimal. However, here you're paying 20 bucks too, in RM.

Weird to be ordering a Korean dish from a Japanese restaurant, but I'm dying for some kimchi then.


Will definitely recommend this place for their lovely ambience. :)

Level 3, lot MF-19

Went on to have some desserts right after our lunch. Right across Dontaku, we found Beans Talk. I was really attracted by their photos of their snow ice! But to my dismay..

What I got was far from the photo. Mehs.

Quite a disappointment with the dessert but nonetheless it was still enjoyable because of the company. :P

Level 3, MF-10


Other than eating and eating, the next best thing to do in our neigbour country is of course to SHOP.

And when you're tired of walking, just grab another snack. Life is awesome as so. ^^

We got ourselves Auntie Anne's cinnamon sugar and sour cream pretzels. Yums!

Basement 1, MKB1-03

This is how the boy forces food into my mouth. LOL.

And soon it was dinner time. Yes, you're right, where did we get the space to fill all those food?!

We were attracted by Sizzling Stonegrill's interesting food concept.  Food was served on super-heated natural volcanic rocks, a method of dry-cooking without any added fats or oils. The menu is varied, consisting mostly of meat as well as noodles and appetizers.  

The boy's carnivorous feast consisting of chicken, beef and lamb.

If you think it's not filling enough, all hot-stone comes with a choice of either fried rice or french fries. I must say that their fried rice is really nice! I suspect they use chicken rice instead of plain white rice. Sinful but awesome. 

My seafood combo!

Fish, squid, prawns and a mountain of fries. :D

Basement 1, MB 11-14

We just need our desserts after every meal and I told the boy, we can't miss Hui Lau Shan which is super well known for their mango dessert. Such a pity that the outlet in Singapore is closed. :(


Hui Lau Shan
Level 3, J3-20

Exactly a week later, we came back to City Square. Hahaha! I know right, no better place to go. :P Just joking, we were back to collect contact lens! So it was another perfect excuse to feast without injuring our pockets. :D

Pre-lunch snack, baked sweet potato.
Can't remember exactly the shop name, but this is located on level 3, just across Hui Lau Shan. There are also a whole range of other snack stalls along the same area as well! So be prepared to drool as you walk along. ^^


My super vain boy. <3

Lunch was at Canton-i. As the name suggest, you'll be expecting a range of Hong Kong food.

Cuttlefish and chicken porridge.

I always have something for canton-style porridge. So smooth~ <3

Beef Hor Fun.

Had a really quick lunch before we crossed the causeway again to head for Halloween @ USS.  <3

Level 3, J3-05.


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