Sunday, July 13, 2014

Taiwan June 2014 Day 2 Part 2: Feng Jia Night Market 逢甲夜市 (Taichung)

After settling down in our Hotel, Plaze Hotel. We took a cab down to the biggest night market at Tai Chung, 逢甲夜市. Heard it is also the largest night market in Taiwan? Not so sure about this information.

The cab fare from our hotel (near railway station) is about NT150 (~10-15 mins to reach). By sure to check with your hotel on the taxi rates to your destination so that you won't be cheated by the driver ya? Anyway, probably won't happen as the cab fare is calculated based on meter. 

We came here for dinner for both nights of our stay in Tai Chung and both nights, the night market was flooded with human. Tourists or not I'm not so sure. But just be prepared to be squeezed and of course queue for your food. 

逢甲夜市 is so HUGE that we were really spoilt with choices! Everything looks so good too! Wish we had a larger stomach to have more. :D 

So here is a list of food that we have tried at 逢甲夜市. Just a tiny portion of the wide selection that you can expect to find. :)


Taiwanese loves their 卤味. It doesn't matter if the stall is popular/famous, Their 卤味 always has the standard. One of my Taiwanese friend actually told me that food found in night market has to be good, NO MATTER WHAT. Because market is so competitive that if they can't sell, they will soon be eliminated. 

One of the longest queue at 逢甲夜市.

Japan Boat Takoyaki, NT40 (box of 6)

Because of the close proximity to Japan, a lot of Taiwanese food is hugely heavily influenced by the Japanese. So Japanese food that can easily spotted in Taiwan as well!:) 

They stall is said to have the best tako balls in Taiwan! They even have a website! Most stalls will have outlets in different night markets, but this one only has the one and only stall in Tai Chung 逢甲夜市. Therefore it's a must for us to try, no matter how long the queue is. :P

The balls were slightly crispy with a tinge of sweetness and the octopus was very fresh and tender! The boy who is a tako ball lover approved of it. Anyway, do try the wasabi one if you can. Really good combination! 

Just beside the tako ball shop, you would find this particular shop, with a long queue as well. Haha! Yes, the boy and I are attracted to queues (only means that it's good right?)

蛋饼 or they call it pancakes.

The pancake was soft and not overly greasy. Another winning combination for us. <3

Torched-blow steak.

Grilled Scallops 干贝烧 , NT50.

Comes with a lot of different flavours and grilled on the spot for you after ordering. 

Recommended by various variety show too! The scallops didn't come off to be rubbery, which is good!

Another popular stall at the night market, widely covered by lots of variety shows as well!

Deep fried pork cutlet with your choice of topping. I think we had Mexican salsa?

If I have to choose my favourite eats from  逢甲夜市, this definitely makes into the top 3! Pork cutlet was surprisingly tender and juicy! Though deep fried, it wasn't overly greasy as well! I really dislike deep fried food that makes me feel like I'm biting into pool of oil. So glad this wasn't. Also the cutlet was well-coated with the right proportional of flour! Really missing this pork cutlet now. T.T

Just beside the pork cutlet stall is this other interesting stall. 

Guess what is this? It's deep fried squid stuffed with rice and topped with your choice of sauce. 

I love how Taiwanese is always open to huge variety of choices. Like the topping itself can go up to 12? Anyway, the rice tasted a bit like risotto. So it was a combination of crispy deep fried squid with flavourful rice. We both like this too!  


Similar to oden from Japan? Yes, as mentioned, food culture in Taiwan is heavily influenced by Japan. I wonder if its a 2 way thing? 

Just now was 蛋饼,now we have 葱抓饼. What's the different you may wonder?

Basically a Chinese pancake (with eggs and filled with onion), but they actually make it more fluffy by '抓' or 'tearing' the pancake. 

I think I would prefer the 蛋饼 itself, The pancake tasted nicer. This version, the pancake skin was too thick for my liking. 

Another 饼 (pancake) here. Haha. 

This is a prawn paste pancake. One of my favourite eat also. The pancake tasted really juicy! You could taste the fresher of the prawn paste as well! And you know that it's really prawn paste inside, they did not add whatever not into your food. 

A must try in Taiwan, stinky tofu. 

On the first night I had one from this stall, because I was attracted to the word 'mega'. However, I feel that it was so-so. The stinky smell wasn't very distinct. A good stinky tofu to me has to be smelly at the very least! Sad that it doesn't come with the preserved cabbage too. :/

On the next day, we chanced upon this shop hidden in an alley. The stinky tofu here is really STINKY. Whoa. Also, you would find a lot of locals queuing for this particular stall, buying ntg but their signature stinky tofu. This only has to mean that their stinky tofu is really good. Of course I had to join the queue! ^^

Yay! Finally a good stinky tofu!!! Love the preserved cabbage as well! If you're at 逢甲夜市, do try to local this particular stall! Definitely worth the find. :)

Another interesting concept that we found. 

Bread stuffed with creamy pasta!

Again, you get to choose your choice of topping. This particular stall has a super long queue! So do try to find this stall as early as possible. As the later the night, the more people you'll find at the night market. Personally, I find that it's really carbo-intensive! Good for sharing though! :)

A shop that can be found in most night market and would always attract lots of crowd, baked potato with cheese!

We chose our topping to be just corn. It's really good!!! Especially if you love cheese. Just look at the generous amount of cheese ya? But it can get a little over-whelming after a while la. So good for sharing again! :)

Besides solid food, there are also wide variety of desserts and drinks too! So here are what we have tried. 

Remember the awesome stinky tofu that I've mentioned earlier on? Right beside it is a stall that sells Yam balls! 

Taiwan is famous for their 粉圆 (glutinous rice balls), which can be made of yam, pumpkin or sweet potato. This one that we got has a bit of everything, including big chunks of yam! Thumbs up to it! 

So if you're looking for the stinky tofu perhaps you can clear your mouth's scent after which by having some of their desserts ya? LOL! 

We got attracted by stall that again showed that they were being interviewed by various variety shows. 

We got their signature red bean dessert with a scoop of ice cream.

Hmm.. personally don't really find it to be super amazing to be on TV. Oops. :P 

Anyway I do realised that the ice cream in Taiwan are more towards the sorbet type. So take note of that if you don't particularly like sorbet. 

Besides bubble tea, there are also a lot of other types of drinks in the night market.

This was really refreshing! Very popular among the locals too. :)

Aiyu, another famous product from Taiwan. 

Also, refreshingly good! Haha! Sorry if I run out of descriptional words. :P

Although, these are just how much the 2 of us ate in 2 nights. #fatdieus. 

I would really recommend you to visit this night market for at least a night to have enough exposure to the entire place. It's huge! We lost our way for both nights la. Haha! So have fun and explore~



  1. Hey Lirong,

    Great post on Feng Jia Night Market! Do check out our post on what to eat at Feng Jia Night Market as well!

    Happy Travels Everyone!



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