Friday, July 11, 2014

Media invite: MEDZS @ Millenia Walk

If you think MEDZS as only serving Mediterranean cuisines only. That's not the truth anymore. Starting this July, MEDZS @ Millenia Walk is completing their global dining experience with the addition of an Asian kitchen!  

With a similar concept as of Marché, MEDZS offers a cashless, causal dining concept to enable diners to embark on a gourmet odyssey around the world! 

Upon entering the restaurant, you'll be welcome by cuisines from Spain. 

Moving down the line, you'll find yourself with Greece, Italy and France's cuisines. 

There are also Turkey, Morocco and Tunisia along the way. Most importantly, you can finally find our very familiar Asian cuisine in the kitchen! 

Of course there is the dessert bar as well. 

Where you'll be spoilt with choices for sure. Don't you just wish that you could have a bit of everything? Well, at least I did. :P

Besides food, MEDZS also houses over 100 labels of international and craft beers. 

I'm not even kidding when I say MEDZS is home to an eclectic range of cuisines! Just look at how long the menu page is! By the way, it's double page. 

Melon juice infused with Earl Grey tea. 

Peppermint tea. 

Dinner started with two really refreshing teas, which are also new on their menu as well. Very interesting new combination, especially the melon juice with earl grey tea infused. Works well surprisingly! 

Japanese Crispy Salmon Skin Salad, $8.90.

Appetizer of the night was this enticing and crunchy salmon skin. 

It's rather addictive, you'll not be able to stop munching on it once you start! There is also a superior broth at the side which is for you to dip your salmon skin inside. We felt that the broth wasn't really needed as we love our fried food crunchy than soft.  

For the mains, we tried some of their homely and hearty dishes. Best of all, they are really affordable, each set meal costs just $9.90 to your wallet! :)

Chef's recommendation - Seafood Goreng, $9.90

Don't have the price for this. But less than $10 for sure. The noodles were a little too dry, but we love the overall spicy level of this dish. 

Roasted Crispy Chicken Set, $9.90

Besides the crispy chicken and rice, it comes with a salad tossed with Japanese sesame (love this!) and soup of the day, which was watercress soup. 

Chicken was a little too dry I feel. But I love the sweet sauce that accompanied. 

'Kampung style' Seafood Fried Rice, $9.90. 

This is one of the most value for money item on the new menu I feel. For about $10 you get a huge plate of fried rice with seafood like prawns, sotong and fish! Great steal for a taste of home. ^^

Soy Braised Beef Basket, $9.90.

Similar concept to the roasted crispy chicken, just that this is serve with braised beef with radish at the bottom and leeks. 

I'm not a beef person, but I was able to accept this. Meat was tender and has fully absorbed the goodness of the sauce!

Chef's recommendation - Wok Fried Chilli Flower Crab.

Need me to introduce this more? We Singaporean love our chilli and our crabs. <3

For me, it's all about the deep fried mantou too! 

I almost wiped clean the entire sauce with the mantou! :D That's how much love I have for this dish! I couldn't say the same for the crab though. We still prefer the usual Sri Lanka crab. 

Braised Tiger Prawn in Superior Broth and Pumpkin, $23.90. 

Another highlight of the night and it surely did not disappoint. We love the big and juciy prawns which were really fresh! The superior broth with pumpkin was a hit as well. Again, it was wiped clean with our mantou. ^^ 

These were just a portion of the Asian menu that we tried, there are just too many for our stomachs to hold! So do visit MEDZS @ Millenia Walk if you're a fan of Asian cuisine. 

Crispy Pork Belly.

We just have to try MEDZS's all time favourite, even though it was supposed to be an Asian night. 

Served with roasted potatoes, mushroom and garlic, alongside with the roasted crispy pork belly. Oh, it comes with a portion of French fries as well. :)

Tempting enough for you? :D A bit like our version of Sio Bak. I guess I'm thinking too much on Asian food. Heh. 

Rainbow Cake. 

Always good to end the night with some sweets, the more the merrier because there will always be room for desserts. :D

I appreciate the photogenic nature of rainbow cake. However, I'm really very hesitant when it comes to eating it. Like I'm always disappointed by the dry nature of the cake and the awful amount of colourings in my mouth. :/ 

But, MEDZS's rainbow cake was really good! The texture was so airy and light~

Brownie with ice cream.

I asked what is the most popular desserts to have at MEDZS and I was told this and the rainbow cake of course. 

Literally had the entire dessert to myself. I like how the brownie isn't overly dense. You must have realised I'm not a fan of overly rich and dense cake. :D 

Such a good ending to the food tasting session. ^^

With the addition of the Asian kitchen, it's definitely like a food tour around the Word! I love the idea of being able to savour food from the East as well as the West, all in one roof! How convenient is this ya?

Millenia Walk
9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-46
Singapore 039596
Contact: 63377507
Opening hours: 1130 - 2300 (daily)


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  1. they added chinese cuisine and pastry into their menu. The expanded menu probably will help to bring it more crowd.