Saturday, September 26, 2015

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

Many thanks to the kind sponsors this year, I had a taste of different mooncakes from different organisations. <3 (read my reviews of them here.)

But that didn't stop me from baking some too! ^^

So this week, I baked just a small batch 'for fun'. Haha! 

Hello Kitty mooncakes as you can see. ^^

These are not the usual big mooncakes. These are mini ones and filling with sugar free green bean paste! Also added some granola into the paste for extra bites! :D 

Some other mooncakes that I've made over the years. :)

Red bean and yellow bean filling with melon seeds. :) 

Well, still not too late to bake some mooncakes with your family and even friends! ^^

Hope over to my dayre to find out how I'll be celebrating Mid Autumn with my family! Share with me yours too! ^^