Saturday, July 2, 2016

Review: Sudio's earphones, the one for the minimalist


Hello everyone! I'm back! Haha! Pretty excited to be working with Sudio once again! :D 

If you have no heard about Sudio, read my previous review on them over here

Basically, Sudio is a lifestyle brand from Sweden which makes elegant and premium earphones.

Aesthetic apart, earphones are ultimately device that enable us to hear over the ears. Sudio definitely 

does more than that! It's studio quality sound is amazing for a small device! 

Before this, I own a pair of VASA earphones in the gorgeous shade of pink. It's so pretty and brings out the feminine side of me! ^^

But this is my curreny obsession - Sudio's latest top-of-the-line wireless earphone, VASA BLÅ

I love how the packaging has changed to become so classic and elegant! In fact, I've kept the box for other use. Heh. :P 

FYI - Sudio will be giving away 100 summer tote bags to customers with every online purchase! 

What's inside. 

I love how white everything is! :D 

Because VASA BLÅ is wireless, a USB cable is given for charging purpose. :)

When the music from your favourite playlist is amplified though the quality sound system of VASA BLÅ


There are 4 different colours to choose from (black, white, blue, pink), my eyes caught the white one immediately. <3 

Why this wireless version? 

Because it so much lighter and more convenient to wear on-the-go! 

Say goodbye to tangled earphones~ 


From now till 31st July 2016, Sudio is running a Summer promotion! 

Besides giving away 100 summer tote bags to customers with every online purchase, there will be an  additional 15% discount for all of you! As long as you quote the code "LOVESUMMER"

ps: The discount code can be used on top of the usual 20% tax rebate for all online purchase and free shipping to Singapore yo~ 

Hope over to Sudio's website to shop on! ^^


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