Thursday, February 18, 2010

CNY updates!

The 4th day of Chinese New Year and I have eaten 9 meals of steamboat………………………..
New Year Eve Plan:
breakfast -> sentosa -> chinatown -> reunion dinner at home
breakfast -> reunion lunch at home -> reunion dinner(steamboat) at ah gong’s place
Well, plans always screwed up! My Universal Studios~ T.T
Below are the photos of my reunion lunch! My mum’s hard work! HAHA :D
New Year Eve:
As long as I’m home for dinner, there will always be a big BOWL of pumpkin ;) HAHA!
Honestly, It wasn’t a pleasant lunch together. But I’m glad everything is over. <3
After our reunion lunch, we made our way to yck ah gong’s place.
photos photos~ :
L: I did that for my mum! damn proud! LOL!
R: This is call ‘san dai tong tang’ Any morphological similarities among us? HAHA!
No, this is not cam-whoring. This is called ‘time-killing’ :)
L: sorry my brother is not a drug addict, he simply looks like one ;) LOL!
R: Reunion dinner at ah gong’s place!
New year is no new year without gambling!
Well, from the above photos you can guess who loves to cam-whore with me right? HAHA! None other than my sweetheart
QIAOLING aka charcoal! HAHA!
Yes, we gonna flood you with our faces now ;)
Day 1 of CNY:
Cam-whore a bit before leaving for ah gong’s place again.
L: my bro hates to take photo! but I love to force him to take photo ;)
R: mummy!
It’s very windy at home! HAHA! Checkout the morphology in us again! :D
Finally you see my daddy! HAPPY FAMILY! cheers!
Chinese new year was quite bored! LOL! My parents and I sneaked out after lunch :X (my brother was busily gambling) He drove us around Singapore and parked at a random beach in the end. How clever of my daddy, he made me walked the sands with my heels and the windy was bloody strong, I was wearing a dress that loves to fly in the wind…. HOW GREAT. Now I understand Hidaya’s feeling.
Day 2 of CNY:
I’m ‘time-killing’ again. HAHA
L: my new found love! Thousand layer cake! I didn’t know people eat this for cny! First time my mum bought this, I’m in love <3
R: Something different from steamboat. Prata! Great to live near Jalan Kayu! hoho!
My mum loves to Cam-whore with me too! HAHA! It’s the genes la! LOL
My daddy is showing the same face! lol!
My dad got the irritated look! LOL!
My ah ma! She don’t like to smile.. LOL!
When Qiao’s place to bian nian and Cam whore! haha!
L: Do-Re-Mi
R: Finally my ah ma gave a bit of smile!
Throughout the 4 days, we went to ah gong’s place for steamboats! Cox ah gong not feeling well, he cant go anywhere. Thus! My house is loaded with lots of food still!
Overall, CNY is like getting more and more boring? There is no more excitement about the celebration. At least I don’t feel it. I’m quite anti-social this year. I keep sneaking out with my daddy! HAHA! Really, I’m bored. Its also quite dishearten to see that some of our relatives are slowly drifting away from you too. Sigh, I only hope the younger generation can still remain as bonded :) mahjong more while I snap more photos! HAHA!
I think my mum is damn scary! She eats lots of steamboat and still have the stomach to continue eating one tub of egg rolls straight after that! OMG! Her stomach got holes I guess! Super scary la! I feel so normal. LOL.
Finally my ulcers are recovering! HAPPY! Ate too much goodies :X
My brother is a chocolate monster, he can eat rochers without stopping, I have to threaten him to leave some for me!
When to paula’s ah ma house for steamboat! My 9th steamboat. I’m surprised that I’m the only one eating so many steamboats! I thought it was normal for people to eat steamboats during cny? I predict I’ll hit 11 meals for dinner. My god!
Going to slp! Shall upload the photos when I wake up again! I need to study! 7 webcasts waiting for me~
Good night world!

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