Friday, February 19, 2010

Time to mug hard!

Cleared 2 webcasts today! Oh well, but 4 more to go :( WHAT HAVE I DONE TO MYSELF?! tsk…
Anyway, went to Paula’s place yesterday for GAMBITS REUNION DINNER! ;)
Thanks Paula and family for the great food and everything! We actually sat down and ate steamboat for 3 hours! So sorry to Gan Tie that we didn’t manage to touch the wii that he brought =X
Only a small part of the food we had! :D
We had ‘Lou Hei’ before our steamboat. I’m  still having phobia for this!
The before and after pictures of our ‘Lou Hei’ haha. I still dislike this thing, Its leaves my mouth with a super bitter taste!
3 hours later, it was the gambling time! While they were playing Blackjack, I was having fun with this little thing!
When there is mirror, there will always be cam-whoring ;)
Ok, I shall upload the rest of the photos in FB! :D
I found 2 new loves <3
This is simply AWESOME! I ate this more than pineapple tarts! :X Its gone, no more~ T.T
This is random! HAHA! But I was never a pear-lover! I LOVE IT NOW! so watery so yummy! I’ll phone my mummy everytime to replenish when its gone! teehee..
But you will still be my love ;)
Recess week is almost over! SHIT!
Essay draft due on 1st March! WTH!
What are the proper limits of patriotism as a value? How can you decide what the proper balance is between love of country (loyalty to country, service to country) and loyalty to some higher standard of Rightness?
Any pros around to help? :D

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