Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nothing beats the feeling of happiness

After more than one week of struggle, I’m finally done with the philosophy essay! YAHOO! ;) :) :D
Well, although its draft only and I have to deal with it 2 weeks later I’M STILL HAPPY!
I can study my econs in peace after I wake up! =.=
Went CVD earlier on with Chee How, Adeline, Vee Nee, Avon and Shanq Kuen and met lots of friends like Ben Choy, Sebas, Peiwen, Hazel, Ben Yeo, Alex and etc! Nice to see them again after sooooo long~ Pity that I didn’t get to see Sharon and Yee Jean D:
Atmosphere for this year was rather good, except you find that every stall is selling almost the same food. =.= I actually like the new art gallery! SO CLASS! haha! Though the displace is still very limited. Chee How and I left earlier cox it was quite boring :X and I wanted to explore the new Northpoint! hehe :D
when I pay a visit to Jolibean…
HOW CAN I NOT GET A RED BEAN PANCAKE?! yummmms~ Love the sweetness of red bean and the thickness of the pancake! JOLIPANCAKE DOES WONDERS~
And I bought a new umbrella, thanks to Hong Ling’s umbrella if not I’ll be soaking wet after the practical last fri! :D So touched!
Some photos taken over the week :)
We wore the same blazer for our presentation last Thursday! hehe, we sure look like some receptionists. LOL!
Need not me to say, we all know who is the creator of this plate of rubbish! :)
10 more episodes and I will be done with my Judge Dee season 2! Wheeee~ Season 3 here I come~ :D
Good night world!

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