Went to ah gong’s place earlier on for a farewell ‘party’. Steamboat buffet for lunch! Yummy food! <3 I was telling my brother, “I think our family people all very lazy ar, gathering = steamboat session‘ LOL! One CNY we don’t know eat how many steamboats.. HAHAHA!
It was suppose to be a happy gathering, nobody is suppose to be sad. Yups, so everyone is kinda like avoiding the sad part that ah gong is leaving, so is ah ma.. We tried to entertain them by playing mahjong with them. LOL! Stupid bro lost $10! It’s only small gamble yet he loss so much! :O
Said my final goodbye to them was kinda sad to leave them :( ((
My worst nightmare begins! D:
Walked damn long to find that stupid bus-stop for bus 13. In fact it isn’t really like a bus stop la. I didn’t know Singapore still have such a run down place, I feel more like I’m in Malaysia or something and I didn’t know I was in geylang.. Ya, and this damn OLD MAN appear out of no where and started to harness me! YUCK! I WAS SO SAD + SCARE!!!! WHY MY BUS TAKE SO LONG TO COME! WHY I DON’T KNOW HOW TO PROTECT MYSELF D: WHY AM I SO DUMB?! grrrrrrrrrr… AFTER ZILLION YEARS IN HELL I FINALLY ESCAPED ONTO BUS 13! SO SCARE THAT HE WILL FOLLOW! HE BLOODY TOUCH MY HANDS LA! rarhs!!! so sad in the bus, so depressed……
No worries, I recover fast I shall curse him everyday and this shall teach me a good lesson – to protect myself! ;)
Had lots of fun at ECP with GAMBITS
Thank to everyone and the Birthday presents ;)
Present no1: I shall wear it on Halloween! LOL!
Present no2: SO MY TYPE! <3
Present no3: SO HANDSOME! HAHAHAHA! Must admit Hidaya is TALENTED!
Present no4: Shall wear on the actual day on my bday. wheeee~
Photos will be up soon on FB especially Hidaya’s music video! :D
School tml T.T
the rotten apple