I was doing this IFG thing since yesterday, my task was to contact last year’s captain and some sort like convince them to take part as captain again this year. I don’t like to talk to strangers, so I sms-ed. Ya, all of them rejected la. =.=
So I have to find alternatives. Surprisingly, I found familiar names! Saw YEW BOON’s name! Got excited and smsed him! HE SAY OK! woohoo~ YEW BOON rocks! Saw my SCAMP OHL’s name! Got excited again! He has yet to reply. BUT I WILL SURELY CONVINCE HIM! HAHAHAHA! Ta-da~ mission accomplished!
Had a meet up with some gambits earlier. Suppose to meet at 2pm, but at 1pm was still in my home clothes, happily eating my kimchi ramen and enjoying XING GUANG DA DAO. :O
In the end of course I’m late, but turn out that everyone is late and I became the earliest! LOL! I shouldn’t have rushed! HAHA!
TML GONNA BE SO FUN! With Paula, Juyin, Hidaya and I at one table, it spells UP TO NO GOOD ;) Imagine we gonna have butterfly to catch, stripper to admire and a waiter to serve us! LOL! OMG, I’m so mean! :X
I should shut up and stop whining about how much work I have. All I need is time management.
Never say die