Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ganbatte Ikimasshoi

I’m so going to hate 25th March! Deadlines for 1 cosmetics project, 1 written report and 1 powerpoint presentation. It’s just 3 weeks away :O And now there is this IFG thing going on. I feel so overwhelmed. Lab report, I miss u :(
Is kinda a waste of time for the whole day in NUS.
LSM1103, basically last week’s lab covered everything.
PH1101E, is not really a formal lesson at all, its a test of how strong my heart is! ( I remained invisible! yay :D )
PR2202, lecture ended in half an hour time and the only thing that I could remember was the gross picture.
SP1201B was worse!
But somehow I feel so tired end of the day. The amount of work really stresses me out mentally and physically. What worse is, there are more to add on.
Sigh.. I should go back to my econ’s notes.
I LIKE! haha! But, I forgot to tell the auntie I want chilli T.T So compensate by adding lots of green chilli on it. teehee :D
Jiayou everybody! Go and study! shoo!

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