A year ago, just months before his 80th birthday, my ah gong was diagnosed with cancer.
A year later, with just months of lifespan left, ah gong insist to leave Singapore. His flight is this coming Monday.
Why? Why would he insist to leave the world ALONE, in a different land from his love ones?! It pains me.
This reflects how much pain he is suffering that he insist to leave this sorrow land, alone, in peace.
I worried for ah ma too, (who is leaving with ah gong) what is going to happen to her when ah gong is gone? Who is going to take care of her? She insists that we do not search for her.
Why? Why must they be so stubborn?! Don’t they know that we worry for them? Ah gong is 81 and ah ma is 80 this year! They are not young anymore! They are very old!
I blame that person, if not for him ah gong and ah ma would not be suffering so much all these years! I despise him! I hope that there will be a day where he comes to his sense that MONEY IS NOT EVERYTHING. SO WHAT IF U ARE RICH?! IT DOESN’T EARN YOU ANY RESPECT. At least, not from me. I won’t forgive the tears that you made ah ma shredded.
I know ah gong and ah ma can’t bear to leave all their grandchildren too. If not for the deep pains in them, they wouldn’t leave.
I don’t know how to say goodbye to them, I don’t know how to send them off.
I’m only certain that monday is going to be the last chance that I’ll get to see him ever again.
I pray for the better for ah gong, miracle please prove that you exist.