I’m mugging :D
HAHAHAHA! to compensate for my unproductive Monday :X Went shopping with Hidaya and Juyin right after school :) Paula we didn’t forget you! Wish you could come! Although we didn’t buy much thing :( At least I got a pair of shorts! hahaha! Still couldn’t get my white floral shoes! :< This goes to show that the shoes is very POPULAR and size 37 is very COMMON. LOL!
We went ION -> 313 -> Novena Square, all for the Cotton on stores. LOL!
Fruitless trips for all :( But at least we had lots of FUN! :D And came up with ideas for Halloween! Which is still far far away~ HAHAHAH!
Red Bean Pancake
Tako Yaki
Hungry after much walkings! I had my all-time-favourite! RED BEAN PANCAKE :D Hidiya bought old chang kee while juyin had Tako Yaki! Stole one from her :X
After shopping I went J8 to watch movie! initial plan was to catch CLASH OF THE TITANS, but when we were in the queue we started thinking, maybe we should watch HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON!
In the end, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON won! LOL! So glad that we watched this instead cox I secretly didn’t wanna watch CLASH that much cox I think I might fall asleep from all the battle scenes. Peer pressure.  LOL!  Now I fully understand why there were so many praises for DRAGON! It’s awesome! SO CUTE, SWEET AND TOUCHING! Esp. the ending! Nice work! and I finished my ‘exam tea’ package in the cinema. LOL!
After movie we realised it was raining super HEAVILY! But we still insist on going to AMK for CONGEE! The addiction is so strong that we don’t mind walking there under the rain! hoho!
Chicken Congee
Lemon chicken rice
Yong Tou Foo
The food that we shared.
All the 3 stalls were featured in the 排排站查查看, variety show. Thanks to the rain, there weren’t a lot of people at the FC! So we didn’t have to queue long for our food! :D
The day’s chicken congee was the best! It was so well-cooked that the rice have all dissolved! No rice = good congee ;) And we noticed that everyone around us are eating congee! It’s sooooooooo tasty! haha!
The lemon chicken rice has the longest queue, as always. Since the queue was relatively shorter than usual, we decided to give it a try. Hmm.. it didn’t turn out to be that good for me at least. I think this chicken rice is the kind that if you like it you will really LOVE it or otherwise. I’m the otherwise, hahaha! Cox the rice is tooo dry and don’t have the nice fragrance. I prefer the oily and fragrance one! But they actually serve really nice soup!
I queued for the Yong Tou Fu and was the last to go back to our table! Tasted the soup first and I KNEW I’M GONNA COME BACK FOR MORE! :D :D :D I’m so gonna explore more food stall at the FC! Gonna bring more people there too! Good food are meant to be shared! :D
HAHAHA! There goes the monday~
Food experimentations:

Fried cellophane noodle
mix mix 1
mix mix 2

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