My LSM 1104 lab only lasted for 1.5hrs today when it was suppose to be a 3 hrs session. LOL! Plus we were basically chatting and having fun among ourselves! Our TA rox! hahaha! Towards the end she was like telling us stories on serial killers and blah.. SO COOL! I mean my TA is cool not killers! LOL! Really glad to be in her session! :D and with Hidaya, Ning Xing and Zhisheng (insisted on calling me LIHUI! WHATTHEHACK!) too! Probably the last time having lab with NX and ZS too since they are like year 2s. I think we are the slackest among the rest. HAHA! While everyone like really following the protocol, we were having fun among ourselves and suddenly we were arguing on whether raw fish/cooked fish has a better taste. I LOVE RANDOM THINGS. HAHAHA!
So i got home real early today and slacked till now! Love-hate relationship with Tumblr! Need to study! I have this stupid lab test for biodiversity this fri! The last day of the sem! ‘SO EXCITING’
I got my brother to buy me dinner for tonight and he bought me economic rice. LOL!  He knew I love sweet and sour pork and  bought it! whoohoo~ WONDERFUL DINNER + SWEET BROTHER! But the best part is he bought 2 veges and 2 meat for me! SO GENEROUS OF HIM! Usually I only buy 2 veges +1 meat! HAHAHA! I shall get him to buy me dinner from now onwards :X
Suddenly, I’m being surrounded by formspring friends…
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People hang in there! Exam gonna be over in no time!