Today is a HAPPY day! Done philosophy tutorials and freshman sem presentation!!!
A good start for April!!! yay! :D
Apparently for my presentation I spoke toooo fast! LOL! I was thinking: shit! Did I missed out any slides?! Why isn’t that stupid alarm ringing?!  hahaha! In the end I tried to crap rubbish just to buy time. HAHAHA! And prof was dozing off RIGHT INFRONT OF ME WHEN I WAS SPEAKING. SOOOO ENCOURAGING AND SUPPORTIVE OF HIM =.=
Long weekend! yayayayayayay!!!
Fri: Shopping :)
Sat: Buffet :D
Sun: Mug :(
Jia Xin's Bday
Specially came to school earlier cox of this. Hidaya was even earlier! Impression!
He’s born on April  Fool! So cool! HAHA!
This is what you eat when you really can't think of any alternatives
This is one of  the really rare occasion when I decided to pick myself up and travel out to buy food. I’m super ZAI NU la. Once home I don’t wanna go out. HAHA!
Fried instant noodles
I got really bored eating soup based instant noodles, so I decided to fried it instead! Nice try, but I think it’s a really tedious cooking process.
Yummy porridge
Cooked this porridge the other day. I think it’s the hokkien style of cooking porridge. Not so sure. It like dumping whatever you have and cook them together to get this nice fragrant of everything. Mine is cooked with scallops and cuttlefish! Ate 3 bowls of this. :D
random cook
I think I’m kinda bored with cooking.
Economic rice
I always gets excited about eating economic rice! Cox there are so many sides to choose from! HAHA! Simple thing can make my day :D Bought this cox the sweet and sour fish caught my eyes! HAHA! Oh well, I tried to finish as much rice as my anti-rice stomach can takes. =X

1. Study for CA (06/04)
2. 1 more blog comment (05/04)
3. Biodiv assessment (04/04)
4. Essay final edition (05/04)
5. EAT! :D  (everyday~ wheeeeeee!)
Omg, I hope I didn’t miss out any.