Thursday, May 27, 2010

I’m a living machine now

feel so useless nowadays. When I awake I’m just either feeding myself and lazying on the sofa if not I will be napping.
I want to pursue my dream! I want to be like the K-pop stars (who are like my age too!) who are pursuing their dream! It may be hard but I know they are enjoying what they are doing. What is my dream then? :( Sometimes I really envy people that have the courage to put down everything and just go for what they want! Yes! I admire Cherina for her courage to go through all the interviews and tests to be a air stewardess! Now she is like travelling all over the World doing what she really loves. We should really go for our dream while we are still young! Ya, easy to say but hard to do…… sigh.
Just had a 2 hours of camp briefing. I’m going to be a camp facilitator! First time in my life! Not that kind of orientation camp, it’s more discipline kind and a lot of rules to follow… CAN’T WEAR FBT! Must wear like knee length shorts! goodness! I don’t even have one! Hope it gonna be fun! :D
I’ve counted, out of the 30 days in June, I will be spending 12 days in camp. How nice. Please be prepared to face a even darker panda rings and blacker ME!
Sweet Onion Teriyaki chicken! Subway for dinner! Been wanting it for months! Finally went to buy it! hoho! I'm a serious carbo-lover :D

Tml gonna have buffet at SAKURA! Although no mochi :( BUT! there will be cheesecake! CAN’T WAIT!:D

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