I had an awesome day! YAY! This is my 2nd visit to Sakura after 2 years. After my 1st visit I swear not to return to sakura! Cox the food really suck at that time! But wow! This visit again Sakura impressed me with more varieties! Will I visit again? Definitely YES!
I shall let the pictures take you through my food journey for the day! yippee!
On the way to SAKURA :D
#1: sea cucumber, fried ebi & fried crabmeat
#2: steamed prawns, steamed octopus & one random maki. LOL!
#3: fried yum paste and fried ebi again! :D
#4: Fresh scallops, oysters, steamed prawns, baked scallops, steamed octopus, 2 pieces of sashimi ( NOT FRESH AT ALL!) & sushi & 1 random broccoli! haha!
#5: Broccoli, unagi maki, unagi with baked potato and cheese, 3 random pieces of sushi, 'abalone' & some appetizer (can't rmb the name :X)
#6: Lobster salad (more of fruits with little pieces of lobsters! haha)
#7: The appetizer plate! Mayo tuna, sweet paste octopus, 'abalone' & I-4got-the-name-dish(something with black fungus)
#8: Shark Fin X2 (lousy quality of cox)
#9: Sweet lotus paste bao (rabbit shape! Very sweet! I LOVE! :D ), fried beancurd skin (so-so), dumpling (skin is too thick!) & siew mai (can't do wrong with this)
#10: the sushi plate! CMI
#11: I strongly recommend this! Lobster Laska (I itchy hand added a large piece of fish in it! LOL!) SERIOUSLY GOOD LASKA!
#12: Roasted drumstick
#13: Baked oyster with cheese (one of my fav!), steamed prawns, fried ebi (like again >.
#13: Baked oyster with cheese (one of my fav!), steamed prawns, fried ebi (like again >.<), dumpling, siew mai & gilled sth (can't rmb the name again :P )
#14: Baked oyster with cheese (when i love sth i will eat it again n again! :D ), unagi maki baked potato with cheese & seaweed (very nice!) (again), unagi baked
#15: grilled mushrooms! recommended too!
#16: we love fried food! :D the yam, ebi and tako yaki! (takoyaki was really NOT TO STANDARD AT ALL!)
#17: We eat healthy too! stir fried green vege
#18: Grilled Salmon, my mum loves this be prepared to see more of this coming up! Honestly I also feels that the salmon is the best among all the teppanyaki.
#19: Grilled black pepper chicken (it's just the normal chicken chop)
#20: Grilled beef (from the appearance you can tell that I had a hard time chewing)
#21: Chawanmushi X2 (so-so only MAOMAO make better ones than this! HAHA! Ironically Sakae's new chawanmushi is the best one that I have tried)
#22: Grilled salmon once again, i told you my mum loves it
#23: Healthy plate again! :D stir fried bean sprouts
#24: Deep fried food again :D (My dad was really sick of the oil when he saw me taking this whole plate! HAHA.) Ebi, Yam, potato with prawns inside, salmon, wedged potato (<3), nugget, curry puff & lousy takoyaki (lousy but I'll still eat :X)
#25: fried plate again :X Takoyaki (seriously lousy la, I'm just too easy to fed :X)& Ebi
#26: I told u my mum loves the salmon A LOT. LOL!
#27: Obviously I wont go for this kind of soup. It's black herbal chicken (vomit) taken by daddy. Dad was nagging: it's good for u! >.<
#28: Tempura ebi & fried soft shell crab (pathetically small + salty to the max) I started to feel the fullness at this point :X
#29: I didn't lie, my mum really loves this...
#30: I said I was full, BUT I WANT TO TRY EVERYTHING! lol! So I basically took a bit of everything. Green vege (to show that I'm healthy! haha!), grilled chicken, stir fried mushrooms + carrot, fried egg with prawns, thai style fried beancurd (OMG! i love it! if only i have larger stomach i will definitely take more! I simply love sweet & sour :D ), fried rice (totally oily to the max!) & fried noodle (this is good too! another one that make me so wish that i could expand my stomach! haha!)
#31: Grilled prawns (not bad too!)
#32: 'abalone', scallop, grilled scallop (i think) & a type of grilled fish that has a lot of eggs in it
#33: Roasted duck (my bro had this, I'm anti-duck)
#34: I finally love on to desserts! (I like the agree that no matter how full u r, thr is always space for desserts! :D ) I was like flying inside me when I saw A LOT OF MOCHI!!! LIke 6 diff mochi to choose from! OMG! I love sakura! Pink colour: normal mochi with red bean <3 Brown colour: Choco outer vanilla inner (I still prefer the my red bean mochi!) Green colour: Coconut outer green tea ice cream inner (not very nice to me cox I'm anti-coconut), look at the 2 small like mochi! Hidaya it's ur fav icecream mochi! HAHA! Greentea and Orange flavours. Finally red bean dango! I wonder why I love red bean so much too ( I used to anti-red bean. LOL!)
#35: Mochi helps to enlarge my stomach! Stomach is ready again for some baked cheese oysters :D
#36: Ate some appetizers to enlarge my stomach. LOL! Sweet sour vege and the AWESOME seaweed!
#37: My bro's unagi handroll ( I see more rice in it than anything)
#38: My dad said he was full and went on to fruits, when I saw the banana I was like SINCE WHEN A FULL PERSON WILL EAT BANANA THAT IS SO FULLING?! lol! Cute daddy.
#39: I still had space for pizza! :D there are 3 types of pizzas served but I only have space for one :( So I took the unagi one instead of the seafood/chicken. Basically it was a few pieces of unagi with thick layer of cheese and lots of tomato sauce! LOL! Glad that it was thin crust.
#40: Bro and I shared ice cream (mum and dad are too 'cool' for ice cream!) This is the boring vanilla and strawberry that my bro took >.< (there are actually 16 diff flavours to choose from :D )
#41: I went to took another exact plate of mochi! I simply love mochi la! wheeeee~ RED BEAN RED BEAN RED BEAN!
#42: I was the only one in the family that ate the cakes. Don't understand how can one not like cakes? esp. cheesecake! even though it was passable. LOL! Red bean mochi! <3, Durain!!!!!!! (lousy though :X), marble cheesecake, orea cheesecake, choco truffle & soursop pudding. I didn't go for another round of cake cox really not that good at all.
#43: Can't rmb this is the no. what plate of grilled salmon that my mum eats....
#44: Mum finally satisfied and went on to fruits
#45: While I continue to aim my mochi :D I REALLY LOVE MOCHI! lol! I think I eat more than 8 mochi la, hehe :D Had another pudding too! NICE!
#46: Blueberry and raspberry
#47: I was really really ultra full from all those super filling mochi! LOL! so I went to walk ard and found YAM PASTE! Reluctant to try at first, cox yam is like so filling also la! But I told myself, aiya just la. So had the hot yam paste in this fried cracker 'basket'. I was cursing myself after the first bite! WHY DIDN'T I EAT THIS EARLIER?! SO HEAVENLY GOOD!
#48: Ignored the fullness, went to take a full scoop and hot yum paste :D I burned my tongue for this! But i don't care~ wahahahaha! I love the sweetnesssssss~
#50: My legs automatically went to the counter again and my hands instantly took another yum paste (with ginkgo nuts this time round) and fed into my mouth :D LOVESSSS! I vote this to be my fav food of the day!
#51: Hidaya! Lychee jelly! MUHAHAHAHA! My bro and I had 8 of this love :D
#52: While I happily eating the mochi, yam paste and jelly, my parents were enjoying more fruits.
#53: even more fruits, I simply don't eat fruits :X
#54: Bro and I are the sweet tooth ones. Green tea, mango and grapes with ginkgo + choco!
#55: More more lychee jellies :D
#56: I swear I didn't repeat any of the photo, my mum loves their gilled salmon that much that she ordered AGAIN! I understand her la, it's like my addiction towards mochi and the yum paste :X
#57: My durain ice cream! YUM!!
#58: Finally I ended with hot green tea! Aid digestion you know! But doubt it helps. LOL!
#59: Bro preformed his creativity! Mocha topped with vanilla!
#60: no photos, my mum’s lime juice. LOL!
Dad stopped eating long ago… HAHA!
I counted there are like more than 16 diff stations! wow! More than 100 varieties to choose from, sadly I didn’t managed to try everything la:( I WISH I HAVE BIGGER BIGGER STOMACH! (Daddy insisted that I eat my breakfast if not I could have eaten more! grrrr! So not fun to eat with daddy! LOL!)
Hidaya this is for u! LOl!
Total bill for the day for $98.49 for 4! Was cheaper that expected esp. it’s like public holiday! I was feeling generous, so I foot the bill! haha! SAKURA I WILL BE BACK! PLS KEEP MY YAM PASTE AND MOCHI ON THE MENU!
After eating, went home to rest our stomachs. LOL! First thing did we did when we reached home was to ‘queue’ for the weighing scale! LOL! Dad gained around 1.5kg! HAHA! Bro and I gained 2 kg! :O :O :O ( THE RESULT OF BUFFET! EXPANDING SIDE WAY!) MUM gained 3kg!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! She was like ‘aiya tml wake up the 3 kg will be gone la’ LOL!
Rest awhile and we decides to visit MARINA BAY SANDS. Window shopping! + exercise a bit by walking! LOL!
Ready to head out again! To Marina Bay Sands! I love this photo! Cox my mum always insist I'm the shortest in the family! SO WRONG! Look whose shorter! muhahahaha!
I was telling my mum I need a new watch, cox my adidas totally CUI already! She agreed (phew!) so I thought she was going to buy me at most a $200+ watch, ended up she bought me a limited edition swiss watch for $600! OMG! I feel the value on my hand :O Gonna protect my new baby! :D ( I think my mum was happy that I foot the sakura bill so she bought me that watch. If so, then it’s so worth it! LOL! )
My new baby! Actually I think the design is quite normal.
My very rigid dad insist again that we MUST eat dinner! The 3 of us were like :O what?! Our lunch still swimming in the stomach leh! In the end negotiated to just eating fruits for dinner. (phew! if not our stomach could just split open la! haha!) See so not fun to eat with daddy! Like some army officer >.< LOL!
Tada~ Heavily loaded with photos! I’m feeling hungry with my own photos :X I HOPE I MAKE U HUNGRY TOO! muhahahaha!