Part 1 of our gift for daddy today! We cooked him dinner! Yups! The tradition in my family – father/mothers’ day, my bro and I would cook up some dishes for them! This year’s theme (yes we got theme!) is ASIAN (Last year was western. HAHA!)
Mothers’ Day we did Chinese, so today we decided on Korean!
The cooking is supposed to be next Sunday but it’s SCAMP day 0 :( So no choice have to do it today. Started preparing the food at 4.30pm and only managed to finished cooking at 8pm! So many things to do la! COOKING IS SO NOT EASY MAN! Luckily we only need to cook 2 times a year. LOL!
First up: Nothing much on Korea la, perhaps can link that Korean eats a lot of vegetable in their meals! So this dish is all about vege! HAHA!
The healthy dish: ALL Vege! Chinese cabbage, sweet peas, carrot, red pepper, baby corns and broccoli!
Basically mixed vege, suppose to cook with claypot, but can't find it :( Definitely taste better than it's look! The starchy sauce are all hidden below :X
Second: MA PO TOFU. A very easy and delicious dish cox the sauce is ready made! HAHA! Just dump everything into the pan and stir fry with the sauce can le. No Korea element also right? Wanted to do kimchi related, but I couldn’t find kimchi sauce to replace the ma po tofu one :(
My sec time making this dish, the ready made sauce, minced pork, 4 diff mushrooms and 4 diff tofu :D
Product! The sauce is again being hidden under, need to give it a good mix before eating :)
Third: This dish wasn’t up to my expectation cox the vege were too much! In the end the dish was like flooded with food :( But my chili was unexpectedly OYSIHI!
This was kinda messy, cox I was running out of time to cook. Basically there are black beans, fish Ngo Hiang, leafy vege and beanspouts
Deep fried the ngo hiang and fish fries. This is not the end yet, have to eat it with my secret sauce ;) This is like the appetizer la. HAHA!
My own homemake sambal chilli with honey ikan bilis! A bit too spicy lucky there is the honey ikan bilis! LOL!
fourth: This has more Korean element in it. HAHA! My idea at first was to wrap the tomato with ham and tie with chives then steam it. BUT! Apparently the ham is toooo stubborn to be tied! So have to last minute change it to just wrap and throw into the mouth. LOL!
Guess what I gonna make with this? Ham, tomato and garlic chives
Still don't?
Wrap and makan!
last: Korean BBQ!
Trying my version of the korean BBQ aka gogi gui!
Marinated the pork with the korean-style sauce that I bought. Smell really nice!
The vege used to wrap the grilled meat! :D Lettuce, tomato and carrot!
The grilled meat! The sauce is really good!
How we ate it, wrap everything together! :D
The inner.. HAHA! A refreshing dinner.
HAHA! Makan-ed at 8pm! My usual dinner time is like 630pm! Damn hungry! In the end, we just wrap everything and eat.. don’t care le, just eat! So there are combo like Lettuce + ma po tofu + vege + grilled meat / Lettuce + ham + chili + vege + grilled meat. HAHA! We became anyhow anyhow eat. LOL!
If my mom has the bad habit of over-cooking, I have the habit of over-buying the ingredients so I end up over-cooking too! We only managed to finish the last 2 dishes. I made myself so bloated again! Upset with myself :( LIRONG PLS DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT OVER FED YOURSELF AGAIN! The bloated feeling suck to the MAX!
Kitchen was a huge mess! Cox I was panicking with the limited time, hungry stomachs and many stoves! Luckily mom helped me to clear the dishes. PHEW! Cooking so damn tiring!

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