My legs are breaking…… BUT with happiness! HOHO :D
Helped mom with housework in the morning. Ok la, I only help to clean the carpet in the living room :X But it’s so tiring can! I can’t feel my arms after the cleaning and was sweating like mad. I hate carpets now! :<
Finally mom cooked a simple lunch (mee sua with cabbage and lean pork) and off we go~ S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G! GSS HERE WE COME! haha!:D
First stop: Vivocity!
Second stop: Plaza Singapura!
Third stop: Compass point!
My mom plotted me that day! When we reached PS, suddenly she said she was hungry. (the-piggy-mom ate half a pot of mee sua for lunch like 2 hrs ago) So we went to Kopitiam to satisfy her hunger. Mom told me to buy anything for her, so I bought….. YONG TAU FOO! I wanted to steal a few mouth from her :P

My food court addiction has changed from QIU LIAN BAN MIAN -> MINI WOK HORFUN -> YONG TAU FOO I love to be spoilt with choices ;) haha! Wonder what’s next?
I thought she was really very hungry so I even ordered both yellow noodles and Bee Hoon for her! In the end, S H E . C H E A T E D . M Y . F E E L I N G . Mom only ate like 2 mouths before she announced that she is full! WTH! AND SHE DEMANDED ME TO FINISH THE BOWL COX I WAS THE ONE THAT BOUGHT IT WHEN SHE WAS THE ONE THAT COMPLAINED THAT SHE WAS HUNGRY! Scheming mom! Alright, so I have to finish the Yong Tau Foo T.T The used to be delicious Yong Tau Foo became my nightmare~
In the end I ate 2 lunches, thanks so much mom! :< Could vomit please! Heartless mom finally showed her mercy when I could almost see  the bottom of the bowl. So ‘kind’ of her grrrr!
But! I had my revenge from SHOPPING! whoohoo~ All my expenses were on her :> *evil grin* For the goodies, I shall forgive her for the above :)
The best part of the day was us trying on all the NECK BREAKING heels and walked on them! DAMN FUNNY! I couldn’t walk at all! LOL! They were like really high! :O In the end mom bought me 2 pairs of heels <3 Not that high though, she was joking that we should get use to wearing heels first at home then we shall come back and conquer the NECK BREAKING HEELS again. LOL!
On our way home, we saw this pushcart that was selling Japanese rice cake! Mom knows that I love this kind of sugary glutinous product so she bought some for me! YAY!
2 original flavour (simply sugar and glutinous flour) and 1 black sesame flavour
The original one was way toooooooo sweet for my liking! While I enjoyed the black sesame one! The sweetness is just nice! Should have bought more of the sesame :( Shall buy more when I see it again! :D Definitely not the original one! I will die of diabetes! LOL! Actually the taste is very much like mochi! Both are glutinous products ma. HAHA! Thumbs up to both! :D
Reached home, threw my shoes aside, aimed for bedroom, SLEEP. My legs are exhausted! LOL! Even my mom laughed at my weak stamina :( Whatever~ I’m a retiree now!
When I woke up again mom was cooking dinner!
Yum! Pumpkins, yams, mushrooms, cabbage, pork belly, shrimps and RICE
Mum frying and stirring the huge wok!
Tada~ Damn huge right?! My mom has the habit of cooking really huge portions =.=
Definitely my family of 4 couldn’t finish this la! If we did I think something is wrong with our stomach. LOL! But with my mom around we did finished like half of it la. Sometimes I think my mom has a more acidic digestive juice than norm! HAHA! Basically my bowl was filled with mostly yams and pumpkins! :D GOT RICE ALSO LA!
Feel so satisfied after dinner~
Starting from yesterday, I have to drink a small cup of this before I sleep. My mom’s new effort to bring colours on me. LOL! This thing has 40% alc! Basically my throat was burning even with just a small cup of it and IT IS SUPER SWEET! I think it’s because of the different herbs inside bah. Alright, sweet is better than bitter ;)
Another leg breaking day, went shopping for Fathers’ Day gift with brother after lunch. Going out with my brother is like so BORING! It’s like I’m doing shopping alone…. So unexciting. LOL!
Snack from Old Chang Kee! Curry puff, carrot cake and spring roll are my usual buy from OCK! (Curry puff more often la) While my brother prefer those squids, dumplings and etc.
Curry puff! It's getting smaller :(
My dad gonna love our gift! hoho! :D
Dinner: Had the leftover rice from yesterday and I DIY into something like korean’s bibimbap!
My 'bibimbap' before mixing
1. Fried the rice again with frozen corns and peas
2. Mixed with black vinegar and sesame oil
3. EAT!
After mixing, my bowl looks like some vomited mixture. Not very nice to post the photo. LOL! Aside the appearance, taste wise was fantastic! So fun to mix and eat at the same time! HAHA! Somehow the rice tasted so nice! :D
It became like this!
Still hungry after eating my ‘bibimbap’, took my spoon and went to dig out more rice from the main pot. <3 Vinegar is a good helper to increase one’s appetite!