Woke up at freaking 630am today! :( No idea how I make it to school. In the end most of them were late! RAWHS! LOL!
Did our video filming today! OMG! I love it so so so MUCH! LOL AT ALL THE NG PARTS!!!!! hahahaha!! LOVE OUR ‘SORRY SORRY’ DANCE THE MOST! Can’t make for Zi Han to finish the edition! :D wheeee~
I think Angela is so talented. LOL!
Angela did this! SO COOL RIGHT?!
Our 'weapon'
side view:D
Pretty little thing!
We ta-baoed to LT for lunch. YAY! Nice Dumpling Noodles!!
Spammed with many spoons of HOT CHILI AND GREEN CHILI! Can't live w/o hot and spicy :D
Slept the whole journey home. DAMN TIRED!

Tml gonna wake up early again T.T
Noon: BUFFET! :D
Afternoon: Movie ;)
Night: Pastamania :)
Gonna be a busy BUT fun day tml!!! YAY!